Tuesday, July 16, 2019

How to Get Through That Wall With Ease

How to Get Through That Wall With Ease 

We've all been there -- stuck at a wall in our family history that may seem impossible to get through, but trust us, you can get through it by taking advantage of a few resources. 

Reworking the problem

First, when you are reworking a problem, a researcher should make sure they've really done an exhaustive search.  Besides searching again for new sources, one must contact other researchers found working on the same information in any online databases and check to see if there are any new sources they have uncovered in their research.  Beyond that, good genealogy researchers will always drill down to the original source.  Databases and Indexes are not records.  They are a means to finding the original record.  Extracted information can be wrong.  One should always look up the source of the source. Then, a researcher can re-analyze their findings to make sure they have scoured every piece of information.

Consult with a professional
Hiring a professional genealogist doesn't need to be a huge commitment. A professional can pull records for you at a library or archive, provide translation help, decipher handwriting, share specific knowledge about a localized area or just be a second set of eyes for your problem. Sometimes it can save you tons of time and money spent getting education, or reworking a problem, when a professional can help you in as little as 30 minutes or an hour.  A consultation can also quickly get you up and running with the records in a new area.

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