Thursday, September 22, 2016

All In One Genealogy Charts: Anything You Can Dream Up

As we here at Family ChartMasters has gotten better and better at displaying complicated family information, one of the most frequent requests we get now is to show off "all of my family tree."  Many times people have researched deep into in-laws family lines, step families, or multiple extended lines where they go off in different directions.  And our answer is always YES, WE REALLY CAN DESIGN ANYTHING YOU CAN DREAM UP. According to my knowledge, Family ChartMasters is really the only place you can find charts like this which print everyone in your file in an understandable way.  We have examples that show 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousin lines with multiple lines of ancestors, as well as ancestors of all the in-laws and step families.

Most of the time we can do it in either a left to right, or top to bottom format.
Often we'll use color coding and photos to help the viewer orient themselves to the tree. These samples are color coded so that you can clearly see the unique layout in these small thumbnails.  Most of these charts were originally 3x6 feet or more. 
As always, you can send us your information through the Family ChartMasters free consultation page.  When we have a request for a chart showing all of the individuals in the file, we usually send you three options.

The first option is to use the Family Tree Maker software and print an extended family chart.  This is usually a descendancy type chart with anyone who doesn't fit into the regular descendancy format (in-laws, step families and such) shown off to the right of the chart.

As a second option, we'll give you our best effort for fitting most (not all) of the people in your file with a descendancy chart or two.

Then the third option would be our All in One charts.  We take all of the people you want on the chart, manipulate it around, and create a custom chart for you like the samples you see in this blog post. On this type of chart we would make sure everyone is connected and it will be a little easier to understand than the Family Tree Maker chart.  We can place a title on the chart, and decorative border, and add pictures or a background if you want to.  We will also create an on-line preview so you can approve the chart before it is printed.  The pricing for this type of chart is dependent upon the paper you choose and we will keep you informed of that as we go.  When you choose this option, we are happy to work back and forth with you until it is perfect--all included in this price.

We can even fit in pets, neighbors and friends.  Truly anything you can dream up and describe to us, we can do.  Let Family ChartMasters know when you are ready for your amazing All-in-One chart.

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