Saturday, June 21, 2008

Genealogy and Serendipity web review

As promised, here is a quick overview of what I have found on the web about Serendipity in Genealogy. Again, plenty of well-respected people. list one story one story, pointers
The genealogist is left with a feeling of awe, as if his or her ancestors are helping with the search. one story Check on the right. list one story Hank Jones

I love Randy Seaver's term for it. A genea-gasm.

Henry Jones discusses in his books how he doesn't mean to discount real research practices. Good genealogy research needs to be done in a scholarly way, with real, solid, evaluated research steps. But that is the beauty of this topic. You go about it in a systematic way and every once in a while you catch an incredible break. It is really awe inspiring. To me, the serendipity shows how important family history is.

Do you know of more stories?

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