Wednesday, January 6, 2010

One of our greatest successes this last year.

We received this email over the holidays from a lady whose sister was working on some charts for their family. She gave us permission to share it with you.

As you know...when one positive action is set into motion, there are always ripples that no one can imagine. I want to share one of them.

I good description of who I am is: Lemony Snicket and the Series of Unfortunate Events, Katrina, and a Tsunami all rolled into one. When they say "your life can change on a dime" that is me. I have lost everything. My faith sustains me...and a sense of humor! I have many blessings and having an amazing family and friends has made all the difference in surviving vs. thriving.

The miracle I want to share with this season of this: my sister said you wanted a picture of my family. It makes me incredibly sad to think that I do not have one of the four of us...they were all destroyed. [Her husband and died previously and there were no pictures of them all together] I kept thinking about it and how my family has no photo history. One day I was cleaning out one of my mother's cupboards...unrelated to all this.... but being pushed by a force greater than me, when I found an 8X10 frame with a picture of ALL four of us! I was ecstatic and called my sister right away to make sure that my family could be represented with a photo on the chart. I also thought this would be a great Christmas gift for my two adult children...I was so happy to be able to give them a piece of their history! When I removed the original photo, there were TWO more at different stages of our family's growth...this was more than I could have asked was a miracle...created by you. I want you to know that by initiating this mission, you have provided my family, not only with their roots, but a present day gift that continues to make us all smile.

My sister and I have a very strong connection and I know she was a part of this discovery. This miracle has brought me a sense of peace unlike any I have felt for a very long time...and I know in her good & kind heart, my sister wishes this for me too.

Again, we love working in family history and we are so excited to help you share your family history with your family. It is just a miraculous place to be.

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