Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sociality of Family History part 3 of 3

Besides working with the Salt Lake Institute team like I mentioned in my last post, we were joined over the evenings and in meetings in the hotel with some of our wonderful board members this year. My fantastic 1st VP Christy Fillerup was Johnny-on-the-spot all week, helping even though she was trying to take a demanding course. And I got to know Kathy Palmer and Patsy Hendrickson so much better. Carrie Keele, our administrative assistant was so helpful too. We had great meetings with all of our new board members--Dan Lawyer, Sue Maxwell, Bud Wood and Jason Harrison. I'm so excited to be able to work with these good people. We had such a wonderful time together, laughing and having fun, working hard and learning. I just feel so incredibly blessed to be able to work with these people. I'm so lucky to get to be president with such an impressive board.

Maybe it is natural that an endeavor that studies relationships in families would bring about strong relationships among non-family members too. It seems that in all sorts of Family History endeavors, strong relationships--almost family relationships are formed between people who care about the study of families. It is a good thing when you have a support system for favorite interest. It is such a good thing to have people to talk to who appreciate the nuances of something you love.

I don't know how to write about it without far to many sugary adjectives. I'm sure I sound far too over the top. But I just can't express enough how much I'm loving working with the people in UGA and at Salt Lake Institute this year. It's such a party.

Looking forward to the next one--See you there.

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