Thursday, July 19, 2012

Catch up on conferences

Catching up with what we've been doing.  Great conferences and lots to do.  It has been a great summer.  I'm thankful that we've been so busy with family reunion season that I haven't had time to blog.  But I have lots to tell you about.
At NGS in Cincinnatti I got to have a booth next to Jill Crandall of Research Ties.  Very innovative new product to help you track your research.  Take a look at  Still in development but you can sign up for the beta at the website. 
 Dear Gena Philibert-Ortega was there with her new book, From the Family Kitchen: Discover Your Food Heritage and Preserve Favorite Recipes.  It is a fascinating book about the heritage of food and historical recipes.  It includes space for your own recipes.  I bought a copy for my Mom for Mother's Day.  You can check it out at Amazon and try the Cheese Straw, Hominy, Johnny Cake or Ox Tail Stew recipes yourself. 
 It is always good to see Candice Buchanan and Glenn Toothman of Memory Medallion.  More on that to come.  Such good people.  I just love the people we get to work with in genealogy. 
 Stopped to pick up something from Maia's Books.  She collects the greatest historical games and things for kids. 
 And it was so fun to see Tara Meitzler of Family Roots Publishing.  We so appreciate them.  It was especially fun to see Tara because she brought her new baby.  I didn't get a picture of Leland carrying the baby around but you could tell he was a proud grandpa.  I think grandpa and new grandbaby are really bonded because their hairstyles match.  :)
 Of course we love Bruce and Laurie Buzbee of RootsMagic.  Don't usually get to take pictures of them though because there are always people at the booth and they are always busy talking to someone. Congratulations to them on Elizabeth Shown Mills' endorsement at this conference.  ESM uses RootsMagic.  Kudos.
 And here's the group at My Heritage.  Shelly Mark and Daniel are holding down the fort.  It was great to have a few minutes to talk to them. 
 A good picture with one of my favorite ladies--the Photo Detective Maureen Taylor.  She brought me a cupcake treat just when I needed it.  Thanks Maureen!
 The best part was the food of course.  I'd already fallen in love with Cincinnati Chilli when Erin had made it for me.  She has a great recipe and grew up in Cincinnati so I've had it several times.  Luckily Allison Dolan lives there and I was lucky enough to have her show us where the best Chilli parlor was.  The great talk with Lisa Louise Cooke and Allison on the way made it even better.  I got to share a room with Lisa at this conference.  What a treat. 
 Then we also went to SCGS.  Always a great conference.  More on that to come too.  While I didn't get lots of pictures, I did get this great one.  We brought our pedigree quiz game to try out on the SCGS attendees.  Gini Webb's daughter Emma won our high score.  She answered all the questions correctly--some of them were quite hard.  Way to go!
It was fun to bring Randy Seaver, Gini Webb, and A.C. Ivory and their families along to the favorite restaurant we always go to with the Buzbees.  So good to have time to talk to everyone.  I really appreciated Randy's write up about my lectures at SCGS.  I think they went well.  Genealogy conferences are so much fun.  Looking forward to the next ones.  I'll try to take more pictures as they come.

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