Sunday, October 28, 2012

Genealogy could be boring because....

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When you start talking about your family's history do your family members suddenly have a "pressing engagement?"  Do you see eyes rolling when you show your latest find to your children?  Why are genealogists so misunderstood?  Why don't your family members get how cool this all is?

Maybe your genealogy is boring because you haven't been using your pictures enough.  I just found a new picture for my family tree today on Wikipedia of all places--a super exciting find.  And like your family members, I was so excited to see the similarities, to see what my ancestor was really like.  One of your best friends in going from snoring and boring, to exciting and inviting is the pictures in your family's history. 

We love creating genealogy picture charts to help you show off your family tree.  I think my mom eventually turned me into a genealogist by having those pictures on the wall.  But a chart goes even further--it gives you context with the time and places of each persons life.  The graphical representation of your family is a great communication tool.  You might try pulling them in visually.  We would love to help you create a beautiful, distinct chart.  We start with a personal appraisal of your genealogy information, and then create an unique presentation just for your loved ones.

As I've said many times, family history is all in the way you tell it.  No one
Genealogy Chart
Modern and antique photos combined together can be the best genealogy bait.
will turn down a chance to look at a picture of their Great Grandfather who looked like them, see their father's report card, or find out about the trouble their Grandmother got into as a child.  It's all in the way you present it.  Let us help you present your history to your family in a visual way, with context in time and place, and your family will start to become curious. 

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Charles Hansen said...

I agree adding photos helped me get more cousins interested