Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cat's Cradle--the perfect generational bridge.

Did your ancestors
play this game?
How long has it been since you've played Cat's Cradle?  Your ancestors probably played it.  Do your children and grandchildren know how?  Cat's Cradle is a fun game that only needs a length of string and two people to create an intriguing challenge that will help your children explore the past. 

Playing Cat's Cradle is a perfect example of how you can connect with your kids by connecting them with their past.  Play it with them for a while and see what fun ensues.  If you need instructions, take a look here and here.  It can be a great inter-generational game.  The older people in your family can probably teach the next generations a thing or two.

I've been in two situations lately where we've been playing historical games with kids and it's been so fun to watch modern day kids get so enthralled with the games their grandmothers played.  Be sure to tell some stories about your ancestor's childhoods while you are playing. 

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