Friday, March 8, 2013

Heirloom Registry Scavenger Hunt

I recently registered an item using The Heirloom Registry™, which is a new product from Houstory®. The online registry allows users to preserve and share the stories behind family heirlooms and precious belongings. You can see the Heirloom Registry sticker on the bottom of my teacup in this picture. 

This piece of Royal Doulton china is indeed precious to me.  This teacup was part of a set owned by my great-great-grandmother Ethel Amelia Williams Schwendiman  She was born on the 15 February 1880 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She had a set of Royal Doulton that was separated upon her passing and each of her grand-daughters got a piece.  When I married, my mother passed this teacup down to me and I keep it in my china cabinet along with the rose painting by my great-aunt Bernice Houser.

I don't remember Grandma Schwendiman but as  you can see I did meet her when I was a little girl.  In this photo my mother is holding me and my grandmother Eila Dana is with us as well.  Missing is my great-grandmother Viola Thomas.  These are the women of my matriarchal line, my mother, her mother, her mother (missing from the picture), and her mother.  I don't remember Grandma Schwendiman but millions of little pieces of my family come from her--from her faith and work ethic to her recipes and traditions.  Just like I talk about in my new book Zap The Grandma Gap, whether or not I recognize all the little pieces of me that come from Grandma Schwendiman, they are there.  She is part of the nature and the nurture that has created who I am.  And the little piece of her that I have in this teacup is precious to me. 

This blog post is also to participate in the Heirloom Registry scavenger hunt.  As part of the hunt, hunters will need to find the “clue” hidden in the Heirloom Registry record listed below. 

*  If you’d like to start the scavenger hunt now, I suggest you first go to The Houstory Hearth blog’s special Scavenger Hunt Page. There you’ll find information about the hunt, the prizes – and most importantly the list of the other three blogs you’ll need to visit today. 

* If you already know what you’re doing, here’s the Heirloom Registry ID Code you need to obtain my secret word: FPGW-820-726-1535-2011

* If this is your final stop for Hunt No. 3, be sure to submit your entry form with your secret words before Sunday, March 10, 2013 at midnight PST. Good luck – and happy hunting!

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