Friday, May 24, 2013

A Tricky Chart

J. Hersh requested a tricky chart from us recently.  He wanted to show everything he had collected on 300+ people including 200+ photos and all of the in-laws' ancestors and step families, etc.  It was a tricky chart--and we always enjoy a good challenge.  We appreciated his willingness to let us share it with you here:

And this is what he sent us via email when he received the chart:

The chart arrived late yesterday afternoon. I must say that you did an outstanding job.

It is so large that it will take me a while to orient myself to look at all of the entries. However, no matter what, it is terrific. The paper quality is better than I expected. I thought it might  be textured making it a bit tricky to get good photo reproduction. Fortunately, it is smooth and a good weight.
Your team's level of competence is matched only by the incredible patience and unfailingly high standards of customer service. Everything you represented was delivered  as promised with respect to the quality, time line, design and price.

It has been a delight to have the experience combining old world customer service and new world technology.

It surpassed all expectations and fulfilled my dream.

Thank you so much.


Celia Lewis said...

That looks wonderful, Janet! One day... that's the kind of chart I keep hoping I'll do for my family. Think this might go on my Christmas list!

Janet Hovorka said...

Celia, We'll look forward to creating a great chart for you too! Let us know when you are ready.