Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Involving my kids

We've had a wonderful summer around here.  Lots of fantastic family history charts for all the family gatherings going on this summer.  And thanks to our wonderful team here at Family ChartMasters I've had some great time with the kids home for the summer too.  We've had a fun time making some videos about the family history projects we've done.  Have you seen them?  Follow the Zap The Grandma Gap blog for everything I've been learning about strengthening your family by helping them explore their family history. 

Take a look:

So I've been learning about how important the family dinner is for transmission of your family history.  This last project is perfect for teaching at the family dinner table.  Take a look:
I've really been able to tap into my daughter's love for crafts and decorating, we've had a good time together and she has learned alot about her family history in the process.  Win Win Win Win Win.  Let me know if it works in your family.

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