Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Announcing New Zap The Grandma Gap Workbooks for Youth

I am so excited to tell you about our latest project.  I've been working lately to fulfill a vision of mine and it is finally coming to fruition.


The Zap The Grandma Gap "My Ancestor" Activity Book Series for Youth

The first four books, My British Ancestor, My Civil War Ancestor, My Swedish Ancestor and My German Ancestor are 52 page activity books designed for 6-14 year olds with puzzles, activities, games and recipes combined with questions and learning opportunities about specific ancestors and the culture that surrounded them. Timelines, paper dolls, coloring pages, maps, fairy tales, music, dot to dots and crossword puzzles combine to give youth the full picture of what their ancestors’ lives were like. Check out some of the sample pages:

You can see table of contents and more sample pages at the Zap The Grandma Gap Blog and Website.

I've had the great privilege of developing these books with my sister Amy Slade.  She has spent last 10 years traveling extensively studying folklore, dance and food and culture around the world and recently received her Masters Degree in Folklore from George Mason University.  She was the perfect fit to help me bring these books into reality and I'm so thankful that she saw the vision of what I was trying to accomplish and was willing to let me talk her into helping.  I'm so thankful for her excitement about these books.  And I'm so glad we were able to spend more time together working on them.  Love her so much!
My German Ancestor (ISBN 978-09888-548-5-7), My Swedish Ancestor (ISBN 978-09888-548-4-0) My Civil War Ancestor (ISBN 978-09888548-3-3) and My British Ancestor (ISBN 978-09888-548-2-6), (Family ChartMasters Press, $9.95, 52 pages, 8.5x11, paperback) are available for preorder at zapthegrandmagap.com
When pre-ordered now, the books will arrive in time to prompt questions around the Thanksgiving table. Or they can become the perfect Christmas gift for children and grandchildren that will create stronger bonds in modern families by encouraging the whole family to learn about their ancestors together.

As always, thanks to Kim and Erin and Lara and Jenn for their support at Family ChartMasters while I have been working on this dream of mine.  I hope they add to our overall mission here to help genealogists inspire their family members with their family history.  We know how important it is to invest your own family in their past, and we're working hard to give you the resources to do that. 

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