Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Family ChartMasters Holiday Gift Guide

From our Newsletter.  Something for everyone on your list:

Family history gifts can be some of the most meaningful things you can give your family at this time of year.  Family History is something only you share together.  It strengthens self-esteem, creates resilience and gives your family members a sense of perspective and control over their lives.  Here are some  ideas for everyone in the family: 

For Grandparents and Parents:

Help your parents and grandparents leave a heritage to their descendants and strengthen their relationships with them. 

The gift A Family ChartMasters Custom Chart will:
            • Honor your heritage.
            • Honor their sacrifices.
            • Show them how important they are to you.
Give a gift of a custom chart.  Start with a free consultation and we'll take care of all the particulars. 

Zap The Grandma Gap Books The Zap The Grandma Gap Book and Power Up Workbook will:
  • Help them pass on their legacy.
  • Strengthen their relationships with their children and grandchildren.
  • Give them 100s of ideas for passing on the family legacy and values.
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For Children, Grandchildren, Nieces and Nephews:

Strengthen your family relationships and help them forge a stronger self esteem.

My Ancestor Activity Books
            • Fun puzzles, activities and stories to learn about their culture
            • Resources on how to learn more about your ancestors
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new blank charts  
Fill in The Blank Charts
  • A fun activity for the whole family
  • Keep the family history out in front of the family
  • Fill in more information as you find it. 
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For the Genealogist:

Creating Custom decorative charts or simple working charts is easy with Family ChartMasters' help. 

$25 and $50 Gift Certificates Family ChartMasters Gift Certificates

It is our hope that learning about your family's past together can be a fun and exciting adventure and you will have a happy healthy holiday season.

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