Sunday, February 8, 2015

Rootstech Presentations and Recording

I think many of us are gearing up for Rootstech 2015 and Family ChartMasters is no exception to that.  Between our booth (#1240!), Outside the Box, and my two conference presentations, things are hopping around here lately.  I am really looking forward to reconnecting with friends and meeting new ones next week.  In the meantime, I am putting the finishing touches on my presentations, fine tuning, and tweaking here and there.  But what if you can't make the trek to Utah next week?  I am very pleased and excited to say that you can still catch one of my presentations!  Each year at Rootstech, a handful of presenters are invited to have their presentations recorded for viewing on the web and this year, I am extremely honored to have been asked to participate.  One of my presentations, 6 Steps to Choreograph Your Research Across the Internet, will be recorded and available for viewing. Take a look:
I'm teaching on Saturday at 1pm and I'm not sure if it will be streamed live, or if it will only be recorded for later, but either way you'll be able to catch it at

From My Syllabus:

How do you correlate your research between family history sites?  You can become an expert researcher and quickly document your family’s history online with six simple tips for working with multiple family history websites.  Learn how to stay focused and in control of your family history searches.  Distinguish the difference between navigating your cousin’s conclusion trees and actual sources about your family history.  Discover how to use tabs, and timelines to systematically place your results on solid, well analyzed research.  And understand how to record the results so that you don’t get tripped up as you move along your family tree.

There are always a few tips and tricks that can streamline the process of internet research and bring you better results.  If you are at Rootstech, you're going to want to drop in for this one.  We can all use fresh ideas on making our family history hunts a little easier.  And if you can't make it out here to Utah, be on the look out for the recording of this presentation at  It'll be worth it, I promise! 

I am also very excited about my other presentation, Family History Adhesive:The Science of Why Family History Binds Families and The Simple Tech of How to Do It.  Studies have shown that greater knowledge about family history strengthens your relationships and creates a core identity that empowers your current family.  In this session you will learn to use the technology your family members already access every day to create a strong family narrative together. 

Family history has proven to be the key to strong family relationships now and the emotional health of future generations.  The transmission of family history is a personal way to pass on family values, learn from the consequences of decisions and figure out how to overcome the challenges of life.   In this presentation, we’ll survey the psychology community’s studies of intergenerational transmission.  They have found that the shared family narrative is a source of strength and resilience that binds family members together with a common story. I will also help you identify daily communication tools your family already utilizes and show you the best way to utilize these tools to develop your family narrative.

Please join me at Rootstech, if you can make it.  I'd love to see you in my classes and at my Outside the Box presentations.  If you can't be there, please look for my recorded Rootstech session and I will look for you at a future conference! 

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