Monday, October 16, 2017

Welcome to our New Employee

We have an exciting new addition to the Family ChartMasters team to tell you about.   Please help us give a warm welcome to Tamara Jones, our new designer.

Tamara was born and raised in Idaho. She met her husband 22 years ago at their place of employment and they now have 15 year old triplets, one girl and two boys. She truly enjoys her crazy busy life with triplets. She loves spending time with her family and has truly loved her children's more recent love of lacrosse. All three of her children play lacrosse and they love taking vacations that are centered around lacrosse tournaments. Getting to know and interact with so many other families in the lacrosse world has been an unexpected joy. Tamara's family enjoys traveling and vacationing anywhere that there is a beach.  Tamara comes to us from another customer service position so we know she is going to be a great fit for our super-client-oriented/100%-customer-satisfaction company.

Tamara learned about genealogy from her mother years ago. Her mother spent hours and hours researching family history for herself and for many others. Tamara is now constantly encouraging her family to document stories and label pictures so the stories of her family history are not lost. She is excited to help other families do the same.

Tamara is coming in to replace Christine Fazulyanov.  Christine has done so, so many great things for us at FCM.  She has been such a help with marketing and has helped us make so many customers happy.  We're really going to miss Christine but we wish her all the best in her new endeavors.  

So now, to go update the company "about us" page.....  Yikes.  I've needed to do that.  Just too many exciting things going on. 

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