Friday, September 14, 2018

Here's Where to See Us IRL

You can always see what we are up to at

We have just a couple more conferences and lectures this year and then we'll be on to all of our big plans in 2019.  Here's what's happening next:  

15 Sept 2018  Welby West Jordan Family History Fair.  This is my last opportunity to speak with my son Matthew who is giving his "Get to Know Your Geezers" lecture before he leaves for a LDS mission for two years. Speaking with Matthew and seeing his success there has been one of the highlights of my career. I'm sure he'll be helping people with his family history there too so that's good.  

28-29th Sept 2018 Family Roots Expo in St George Utah.  I'm taking our new employee Stacy with us to introduce her to all of the fun we have talking to clients.  I'm giving four lectures, 6 Steps to Choreograph Your Research Across the Internet, Zap the Grandma Gap: The Ten Best Ideas for Youth and Family History, Voila: Professional Charts to Impress Your Clients & Family, and Where To Start When You Get Stuck.  Looking forward to it!

12 December 2018 Family Tree Webinars (in your slippers) I'll be giving my lecture on 101 Ways to Design a Genealogy Chart.  Hopefully all of our newsletter readers here realize that it is good to get your holiday orders in before that though right?  We want to have enough time to make sure everything is perfect for you!

27 Feb - 2 Mar 2019 RootsTech in Salt Lake City.  We just received word that we have a great spot up front to show off our charts in the vendor's hall.  We're super excited to display our 2018 favorites and all of the new trends we are working with to show off your family history.  I'll be giving a new lecture "Heirloom, Documentation or Junk"

3-6 Apr 2019 New England Regional Genealogical Conference in Manchester New Hampshire.  We love New England and we're always so excited to see this conference roll around again.  I'll be giving my super popular Archiving Lessons From My Great-Grandfather’s Family History Records lecture as well as the 6 Steps to Choreograph Your Research Across the Internet.  I have to leave this conference a little early so we're actually looking for a little help in the booth.  If you are planning to be close by (or know someone who is) and want a free ticket to the conference and some extra money, let us know in a return email.  

1-4th May 2019 Ohio State Genealogical Conference in Mason Ohio.  We haven't been back to Ohio for a while so we're super excited about this one.  I'll be speaking on Where to Start When You Get Stuck, and Heirloom, Documentation or Junk.  Will we see you there?
30 May-1 Jun 2019 Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree in Burbank California.  It's the 50th anniversary of one of our favorite conferences so we'll be doing something special there to celebrate.  Stay tuned.  

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