Thursday, June 11, 2009


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New Family Reunion Chart Options
As we head into the summer, you may be looking forward to a family reunion. Generation Maps has all sorts of options for creating a family history chart that will be the center of your get together.
We have a new paper option that we are really excited about for family reunions this year -- VINYL. We have often been asked about a more durable paper for an outside gathering and we finally have an option for you. We have even seen people use this option for tablecloths and placemats (a great gift for the grandkids). With pictures or decorative elements, you can do some really fun things with this new option.

It is often hard to know how big a descendancy chart is going to be. When you send your file in for a FREE CONSULT, we can give you lots of options for creating a chart. You are welcome to use some of the popular genealogy programs to create your chart and then just send it to us for printing. But with all the practice we have had in printing family reunion charts, we can usually save you space over what many of the popular programs can do. Give our free consult a try, and we can send you the various size and pricing options for your data.

You may also want to visit The Chart Chick blog for the best ideas we have seen on how to display the charts. We have seen some great ideas over the years, and you can benefit from them here, and here. However you choose to do it though, you can create lots of great family history discussion, make everyone feel included, and even gather more information with a great chart. Use our free consult and we can make it much EASIER for you.

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