Thursday, July 2, 2009

The *last* post on SCGS

Mine has to be the last post on SCGS. With catching up on the work we came back to, I'm a bit slow posting these pictures. Or at least it seems that way. When you are running with the geneablogging crowd--which is a very fast crowd--you have to post it now, or someone scoops you. (I still hold the scoop for Footnote Maven's picture though--and don't you forget it.) Now I know what it was like to be a news reporter. And, work with the funnest group of people in the world.

I also had to re-arrange my reader to make sure I was getting the latest feeds on all these fabulous people. Let me show you:

First, Denise Levenick from the Family Curator. What a sweetheart she is. I was so glad to get to know her. She did welcome goodie bags for all of us and the treats were a wonderful fill in for lunch when we couldn't get away from the booth. She let us participate too, with a coupon for all the geneabloggers. I'm so glad we did, because then they all came to see us at the booth when I couldn't get out to hang with them in the lobby. Many thanks Denise.

Then, a picture of the blogging summitting going on the hall. Left to right, Drew Smith (new blog), Kathryn Doyle, Elyse Doerflinger (Love Elyse's stuff on youtube. So glad to get to print a chart for her.) Dick Eastman (What can you add about Dick?), Randy Seaver (Thanks for the mentions again Randy), Bruce Buzbee (as you know), and me.
Got to meet and print a chart for Gini Webb. Hadn't known about her blog before. Excited to be reading it now. What a nice lady.
Printed a chart for Elizabeth ONeal too--a big one starting with her daughter. She had an impressive file. I've followed Elizabeth for quite a while, and love her status reports on facebook and in twitter. I love that she is a Mom doing genealogy. Like her, I'm passionate about passing this down to my kids and making sure they know where they come from. That is such a strengthing, grounding thing for children. Here we are with the chart coming off the press.
Honored to be interviewed by the Genealogy Guys. George Morgan and Drew Smith. There wasn't anyone else standing around in their interview/conference room, so I just snapped a quick one of them. The nicest guys. They are branching from podcasts into video now so we tried showing some charts. I remember hitting it off long ago with Drew in the Nashville airport. We librarians have to stick together. I'll let you know when the interview is posted.
One of the highlights too was another new, long lost friend Kathryn Doyle. I've followed her on facebook and love her posts. Now I'll be following her blog closer too. I've already seen that she is one smart cookie. She is in real life too.
We had a great time at the facebook social. Aparently Drew had a *really* great time. LtoR Bruce, Drew, Thomas MacEntee (Thanks for the great post Thomas. We loved printing that chart for you), and Michael Helmantoler
One of the interesting things about this conference was really solidifying in my mind the way different people do genealogy differently. Some genealogists are purely ancestor people, looking for who they came from. Some are purely descendant people, looking for people to have family reunions with. And some are really picture people, like FootnoteMaven and Maureen Taylor. And then there are the story people, like my Mom and Susan Kitchens. What a kick she is. And what a great story teller. Here she is hamming it up with Thomas.
And a big thanks of course to the engine behind it all: Kim, who held down the booth while I flitted about with the geneabloggers. I suppose if you were being a bit too sentimental, he is the "wind beneath my wings." But really, we talk about how at Generation Maps he is the database engine and I am the GUI--or the graphical user interface. He is the incredibly hard worker and I am so glad he lets me be the flitterdegibbit (The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie.)
Finally, Sunday night, after everyone had mostly left, I got a few minutes to sit in what had become the bloggers lounge at the Marriott and try to get some work done. I got to soak in the vibes they left I guess. Luckily Lisa Alzo was still there and we had a great talk. I'm so glad to have gotten to know Lisa in Colorado and at SCGS. She is a great asset to the Genealogy community. Ask her about best practices for conference attendees--she's seen every side of a genealogy conference and has some great ideas. And someday I'm going to get to one of her Eastern European Genealogy classes so that I can find more on our Hovorka line. You would think I should be a specialist in that--I'm not, but I know where to find one--in Lisa.
A few more bloggers that I got to meet but didn't get pictures of: Amy Coffin--another genealogist/librarian. Steve Danko (actually got to talk to him more last year, but go read his stuff. Good to see him again.) Schelly Talalay Dardashti *The* authority on Jewish Genealogy, Sheri Fenley the funniest, best writer of us all, Cheryl Palmer, Sheri's good friend for good reason, another great writer, Craig Manson an icon. Oh, so much fun to get to be with these people. You all have a place to stay, and a good restaurant guide when you come to the library in Salt Lake, Ok? Hope to see you again soon.



Greetings Janet,
Great photos! I wish I could have been there. Maybe the Geneabloggers can start saving up to come to OGS 2010 Conference in Toronto next year.

Steve said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Janet! It was good to see you again at Jamboree. As it turns out, you were one of the first friends I saw at Jamboree and the last friend I saw as I was leaving! I look forward to spending more time with you when next we meet.

Anonymous said...

I really like genealogy and
this blog.

Lisa Alzo said...

I enjoyed chatting with you on Sunday evening. Thanks for your comments. I look forward to our next meeting at the FHE in August in Utah!

Kathryn Doyle said...

Great photos and great memories! I never made it to your booth with my data - maybe next year. Thank you for the great GB offer. It was nice to have a few minutes with you at the FB meet-up. (Thanks, Kim, for holding down the fort so Janet could hang with us.)