Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family ChArtist--FamilySearch Certification

Ok. Next feature..... Importing information options:Yes, we have a second certification for Generation Maps from new FamilySearch. We have obtained certification to use the new web app with the new FamilySearch Family Tree. The LDS church has been slowly rolling out a new collaborative database which you already know about if you've been reading this blog. The database has been rolled out successfully to the members of the LDS church over the last two years and it is planned that this next year it will be rolled out to the general public.

We have been printing custom charts from this database for a couple of years now and can still help you with that as well. But you can bet, that as we were developing this tool, we wanted to incorporate FamilySearch certification especially so that beginners could use it as a starting place to be able to build a chart.

But the kicker is this...
You don't have to rely completely on the integrity of the information in the database. You have complete control over all the information on the chart. Just enter your username and password for the database, pick out the person you want to start with, and we'll import the information available in the database on your family tree. And then if you see anything in the data that you want to change, simply click on the person and edit the information in the Editing Panel. Click on the Apply button and you are good to go.

Right now, 1) Gedcom import and 2) FamilySearch import, along with 3) manual entry are the only ways to bring information into this new database. But we are already laying the groundwork for being able to bring in all kinds of other information in the next phases of this application. We are working with several other collaborative database providers, picture repository providers, and even software companies to be able to import files from their products. We're hoping to make this THE place to come for gorgeous charts.

Watch for the release date and press release tomorrow. Yee ha. We're getting there.

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Becky Jamison said...

I share your excitement, Janet! This is going to be awesome. We'll definitely be using your products. We have large pedigrees, and not a single printed chart on our walls. Gotta change that.