Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Family ChArtist--Shields and Monograms

One of my favorite sets of graphics is the 22 shields we have for your genealogy charts. Now I know these aren't really family crests. If you have a family crest you would like to add to your chart you are welcome to upload it like you would a picture. But if you don't have copies of a family crest you need, these add a pretty decorative element. Take a look:

Some of them have decoration in the middle and some of them are blank in the middle.If you use the title feature to place an initial over the shield, it becomes a monogram, like this:Or this:

You can even use a picture in the blank shields like this:And then you could even use the title feature just to put in a monogram without the shield. Anyway you slice it, there's lots of options in Family ChArtist

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