Sunday, June 16, 2013

WIFFAC--Books across the pond

I have lots and lots of books to tell you about in this new WIFFAC but I think we'll start with the ones I found furthest back--at Who Do You Think You Are Live.  Even though the world has shrunk so much with the advent of the internet, I'm amazed at how much we don't know about genealogists and genealogy resources in other parts of the world.  Even going through the British course at SLIG, I was again blown away by all the resources at WDYTYAL which I never would have known about.

The first set of books that are such great resources are put out by the Society of Genealogists in London.  Among other publications, they have the "My Ancestor Series" that is fantastic.
My Ancestor was an Agricultural Labourer by Ian Waller
My Ancestor was an Anglican Clergyman by Peter Towey
My Ancestor was an Apprentice by Stuart Raymond
My Ancestor was a Bastard by Ruth Paley
My Ancestor was in the British Army by Christopher and Michael Watts
My Ancestor Settled in the British West Indies by John Titford
My Ancestor was a Coleminer by David Tonks
My Ancestors were Congregationalists by DJH Clifford
My Ancestors were English Presbyterians or Unitarians by Alan Rustin
My Ancestor was a Fremason by Pat Lewis
My Ancestors were Gypsies by Sharon Silers Floate
My Ancestors were Jewish by Anthony Joseph
My Ancestor was a Lawyer by Brian Brooks and Mark Herber
My Ancestors were Londeners by Cliff Webb
My Ancestor was a Merchant Seaman by Christopher and Michael Watts
My Ancestor was a Mormon by Ian Waller
My Ancestor was a Railway Worker by Frank Hardy
My Ancestor was a Royal Marine by Ken Divall
My Ancestor was in Service by Pamela Horn
My Ancestor was a Studio Photographer by Robert Pols
My Ancestor worked in the Theatre by Alan Ruston
My Ancestors were Thames Watermen by James W Legon
How to get the most from Family Pictures by Jane Shrimpton
Tracing Births, Deaths, and Marriages at Sea by Christopher and Michael Watts.
Go to and take a look at these and all of the other books around.  There is some fantastic research help there. 

There was also another bookseller that made me wish I could take home suitcase after suitcase of books.  Pen and Sword had so many British History books and they were all so detailed.  Book after book of resources that you don't see at home such as:
Jewish Lives by Melody Amsel-Arieli
How Our Ancestors Died by Simon Wills
Tracing Your Irish Family History On The Internet by Chris Paton
Tracing Your House Hisotyr by Gill Blanchard
Air Force Lives by Phil Tomaselli
Tracing Your West Country Ancestors by Kristy Gray
Tracing Your Ancestors Through Death Records by Celia Heritage
Tracing Your First World War Ancestors by Simon Fowler
Tracing Your Royal Marine Ancestors by Richard Brooks and Matthew Little
Tracing Your Army Ancestors by Simon Fowler
Tracing Your Aristocratic Ancestors by Anthony Adolph
Tracing Your Lancashire Ancestors by Sue Wilkes
The Wills of Our Ancestors by Stuart Raymond
Tracing Your Merchant Navy Ancestors by Simon Wills
Birth, Marriage and Death Records by David Annal and Audrey Collins
Tracing Your Ancestors From 1066 to 1837 by Jonathan Oates
Tracing Your Service Women Ancestors by Mary Ingham. 
And there are several dozen more at 

So if you have British ancestors, you'll want to take a look at the offerings from these two booksellers.  There is fantastic stuff on all the details of your ancestor's lives.  Enjoy.

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