Monday, March 8, 2010

Family ChArtist--And We're Live

I feel like I've been on Iron Chef. If you ever watch that show on the food network, you'll know that two gourmet chefs have one hour to cook as many gourmet dishes as they can to impress a panel of judges. When the buzzer sounds at the end of the hour, they have to "walk away" no matter how much has been accomplished.

I finally understand why it takes so long for companies to get a new piece of software out. There are so many other features that we wanted to incorporate, so many other graphics that are just about ready to go. But we could have held on to it forever. At some point, you just have to release it and then go from there.

Two weeks ago (or three--it all blurs together) when we decided to set a roll out date, we thought we were within days of being ready for release, and the roll out was probably too far out in advance. Now after far too little sleep, the 12 noon release time has come and gone, and it is live. I'm so glad we did set that date. Otherwise it might never have been released. Hopefully you won't miss the things we wanted to add too much, and then we'll have exciting new things to work on in the future. And lots of new graphics to add soon--just as soon as I take a nap.

In the meantime I know how the chefs on Iron Chef feel watching the judges taste their food now too. We hope you like it. We hope it will help you creatively proclaim your heritage, show off your identity, thank those who came before, and inspire those who are growing up now. Let us know what you think.


Tamura Jones said...

Alea iacta est. You are a genealogy software development company now ;-)

Noblehorse said...

When uploading a GED file, no RID options appear...? This ged file was downloaded from Ancestry...

Tim said...

It's a beautiful product and nice interactive website. It is painfully slow for those of us still on dial-up, however. I followed the prompts, started the laundry, checked back in -- still not downloaded, did some vacuuming, and so on. Hours later, after finishing a simple 4-generation chart on 8.5 x 11 paper, it wouldn't save. It just stopped at the "preparing to save" screen. I went through the order screen, entered all my info, hit next and... nothing. Couldn't save it or print it, so I lost it. Do you think it's because I'm on dial-up or are you still working out bugs?

Janet Hovorka said...

Tim and Noblehorse:
We are still working on a few bugs in those exact areas you mention. We're hoping to have a version 1.1 out in a couple of days.

Thanks for giving it a try. We're looking forward to continual developments that will hopefully fit everyone's needs.