Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Janet's Guide to Salt Lake City--NGS is at the perfect time.

There are at least two reasons NGS scheduled their conference on the perfect week in Salt Lake.

1) Sam Weller's bookstore is starting a massive moving sale.
If you are a bibliophile, or western history buff, or interested in any topic that has ever had a book written on it, you haven't lived until you've been to Sam Weller's Bookstore. This bookstore has one of the largest collections of used books west of the Mississippi with a large selection of nonfiction books about the West. It boasts over 1 million volumes, all subjects—new, used, rare and is one of America's finest and largest bookstores. I can happily get lost in there for hours and hours.
Last month, Sam Weller's announced that they would be changing locations. And to get ready for the move, they started a sale to thin their stock on March 16th. They started with offering all used books and most rare books at 25% off and then discounts will deepen as the move approaches. I think perusing the shelves there is a must for NGS conference goers.

2) The conference falls on Salt Lake City's restaurant week.
The week's Dine-o-Round celebration has 37 of the best restaurants in Salt Lake participating by offering dinner for either $15 or $30 and most of them have lunches for either $5 or $10. Many of the restaurants on the list are award winning places to eat. (more on that to come.) There are no coupons or punch cards, You can just ask for the Dine-o-round special. The website has links to each of the participating websites where you can check on menus and locations. I think the hard part is going to be picking which ones I want to go to.

So get ready to take advantage of these two great opportunities while you are learning about how to become an expert genealogist.

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