Sunday, March 20, 2011

Webinars and Lectures

While we are slowing down for the summer on conferences, I've still been working on doing some webinars.

Recent and upcoming webinars include:
I am also working on recording several of my lectures so that they can be used in various circumstances and you'll see lots more writing out of me in coming months.

Slowing Down

Whew!! she said wiping her brow with a flourish.

Next weekend, I will be home for the first weekend of this year. We have been through a string of conferences, events, and speaking engagements that have been non-stop. From Mesa to SLIG to RootsTech it has been tons of fun. There is nothing I love more than partying with the people who speak my language. But we've decided it is time to slow down.

Needless to say, no one can keep that kind of pace. There were several weeks where I was home long enough to do the laundry and then pack everything back up to take off again. You can see a few things have suffered. I haven't been blogging as much. I have lists of things to write about but haven't had a second to do it. I haven't been on facebook and twitter as much, and I won't tell you about how the clutter level at the house has slipped. Mostly I'm not sure I've been able to keep up with my sanity.

And on top of that, Generation Maps orders have been accelerating. Typically, our busiest times of the year have been through the summer (family reunions) and during the Holidays (gift giving). Usually we slow substantially during February and March. But this year we haven't. Sales have been steady and we've been working really hard to keep our customer service--the personal touch and attention to detail--up to our standards. At times it has been tough to keep everything humming at home with our clients while keeping such a hectic schedule.

So we've decided to slow down over the summer. I know my heart will be aching that we aren't going to be at NGS, NEHGS, or FGS. But we've decided it is more important to make sure that we are completely taking care of the customers we have. You can see on our calendar that we will be keeping the commitments we've already made. But we are going to focus on being prepared and ready to take care of your needs this summer. So go ahead and plan the chart for your family reunion, anniversary, or just to advance your research. We'll be ready and waiting to give you the individual attention that printing your family's heritage deserves.