Monday, May 13, 2019

Helping You Make Connections

As human beings, we long to be a part of something greater than ourselves. In our teenage years, we will do anything to feel like we're accepted by our peers. When we enter the workplace, we work day in and day out in order to have a stake in creating something worthwhile for others. We spend our time on Facebook and Instagram, curating a perfect profile that meets the standard of others, all so we can feel accepted. At the core of each decision we make is the desire to be a part of something bigger than just us.

The most important way to feel like we are involved in something greater than ourselves starts with our family. Our entire existence revolves around our membership and acceptance into a family. We are shaped by those who paved the way before us -- our parents, our grandparents, even our great-grandparents. Preserving their story is vital to understanding our own origin story. When one makes that connection with their ancestors, they become a part of the story that transcends the great thief of memories: time. Making that connection is made easy with Family ChartMasters.

Family ChartMasters aims to connect your ancestors to their descendants by giving you access to expert designers that will create an engaging, time-proof family history display. These displays engage with the family history in a way that no other artifact can. It paints a picture, tells a story, and ultimately helps one understand their origin story.