Monday, October 28, 2013

Holiday Deadlines

We've figured out the holiday deadlines for those of you like me who might like to wait till the last minute.  In order to guarantee your chart by Christmas, you'll need to take note of these dates:

Decorative Charts with an online preview:
6th December
Working Charts with no online preview:
13th December

If you don't mind paying rush fees, you can submit your information by these dates:

Decorative Charts with an online preview:
12th December

Working Charts with no online preview:
18th December

We'll try to accommodate any chart orders after these deadlines as best we can, but if you want to get your chart in time for sure, you'll need to make sure everything is submitted before these dates.

Looking forward to printing the perfect chart for your family.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One Week Early Bird Sale

If you are like me, you don't necessarily appreciate seeing Halloween decorations in the store in August, and Christmas decorations in October.  But I do like the peaceful feeling that comes when you have everything ready early for the holidays and you know you can relax and just enjoy being with your family.  So at the risk of jumping the gun, we'd like to extend an offer to all you early birds out there to help you feel better knowing you've saved some money too.

 So for one week we are running an
Early Bird Sale for 20% off any chart 
until October 30th
Send in any genealogy file and we'll get started on your family history chart early so that we can have plenty of time to work back and forth with you and make sure everything is perfect before we print.  You can start the process with our free consultation and we'll get back with you with options on prices and sizes for what you are looking for.  Then, if you want an online preview, we'll send you an email and we're happy to collaborate to get your chart exactly the way you want it.  With our new backgrounds, and all of our flexible designs, we are sure we can come up with a beautiful art piece that will help you share your family history with your family and get them excited about their roots.   

Let us make it easy on you.  Sit back and relax and let our designers do the work.  We'll create a stunning representation of your family history that your family will love.  Call us if  you need any help getting started.                                                                             

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sample Charts With New Backgrounds

We've been playing with these new backgrounds and creating some sample charts.  Over the years, we have been getting better and better at displaying your family history in a graceful way.  We've used these backgrounds for a few clients already, even combined with beautiful maps, grayscale or sepia pictures, and with pretty titles, they are turning out gorgeous.  I've even done some new charts for our house with my own family history.  Let us know if we can get started on one for you today

Monday, October 21, 2013

New Backgrounds

To get ready for the holiday season, and give you lots of new options for beautiful family history art pieces for your wall, we've hired a designer to create some new backgrounds for our decorative genealogy charts.  We've given them names so that you can easily tell us which one you like when you order.  Take a look:








Any of these designs can be arranged to fit fan, bowtie, left to right or any other format.  This is the Julia background reformatted for different file types.


So we are ready and waiting to get to work on creating a beautiful chart for your family gatherings this holiday season.  We can't wait to print a masterpiece for you.  The closer we get to the holidays, the busier we will be, so now is a great time to get started.  You can send us your information for a free consultation at