Monday, October 25, 2010

Giclée--Final sale for the Month of October

Starting today, October 25th through the 31st. Canvas Giclee will be 50% off the last week of October. Submit your picture of your favorite trick-or-treaters, or any other family or family history picture. We'll print you a beautiful art piece to enjoy for many years to come. Just enter the code 3CG103150 at check out.

A giclée(zhee-CLAY) is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity reproduction done on a special large format printer. Giclée are produced from digital images or scans of existing artwork. Also, since many artists now produce only digital art, there is no "original" that can be hung on a wall. Giclée solve that problem, while creating a whole new vibrant medium for art.

Generation Maps produces your favorite photograph on high-grade artist canvas to create the texture and feel of an oil painting. Giclée are perfect for family history photos because the texture fools the eye and softens a grainy antique picture. They are a truly personalized work of art.

Generation Maps offers three options for ordering and displaying your canvas giclée.

First, you can order the canvas alone, sent to you rolled up in a tube. This option is great if you are planning to do special framing yourself or if you have another option in mind for display. Sizes range from 8x8 inches to 36x48 inches, and come in popular contemporary looking squares or traditional rectangles. If you want a size that isn't listed, you can call us for special sizing options.

Second, you can order the canvas mounted on to 5mm (3/16 inch)thick foamcore. This is a great option for framing if you already have a frame you know you want to use.

Or Third, you can order the canvas stretched on stretcher bars like a piece of art. This most archival option is great for high quality framing or even for hanging without a frame. The stretcher bars are 1/2 inch thick on the sides, so be sure to tell us whether you want to the image to wrap around the sides (leave an extra 1/2 inch on each side) or whether you want white or black sides.

Give us a call (801)836-6748 or drop us a line at if we can help you place your order. We love helping you show off your family history. Hopefully you have taken advantage of our sales this month to save money off our already fabulous prices while you do it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holiday Deadlines

What do you get the person who has everything? A beautiful Generation Maps Genealogy Chart of course.

The Holiday deadlines for this year are:
  • Chanukah international November 8th
  • Chanukah regular November 17th
  • Chanukah rush November 24th
  • Christmas international December 1st
  • Christmas regular December 13th
  • Christmas rush December 20th
There is no better way to tell Mom and Dad thank you, and tell your siblings and children you are glad they are part of the family. Let us help you make this holiday special. With 1/2 off any extra copy, you can have everyone on the chart and it won't cost you too much either.

And with all the sales we have going on this month, now is a great time to get those holiday gifts all taken care of so that you can relax and enjoy the season. Let us know what we can do to help you make it easy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Guest Blogger--Happy Customer

Another happy customer.

"I spent several days looking for the right genealogy printing company, and I couldn't be happier that my search ended with Generation Maps. I asked Generation Maps to do a fairly large and complex chart showing all 209 of my known ancestors and they came through with flying colors. They helped my put together my 13 generation chart and showed extreme patience along the way making sure that the details of my 15 years of work were displayed accurately and attractively."

Gary B.
Mill Valley, California

Thanks for the feedback Gary. We are so pleased to be able to help you display all your hard work. And thanks for letting us show off your chart.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our third week of sales

October 18th through the 24th. Our best sale yet on our online tool Family ChArtist. With new graphics to help you make the perfect genealogy chart. Go in and create your own masterpiece and take 50% off your whole order. Just enter 2FC101750 in the promotional code field at check out. This screaming deal is only good for this week. October 18th through the 25th.

A great way to share your family history with your non-genealogist family for the holiday season. Their family history might benefit them because:

  • Family History bonds families together.
    • It will strengthen their relationship with you.
  • Family History can give a sense of belonging.
    • They will have a stronger sense of who they are.
  • Family History can create a loving, safe environment.
    • They will know that there are people who love them and worked so that they could have a nice life.
  • Family History can give them something to live up to.
    • Tell them about the good qualities in their family
  • Family History can inspire a sense of gratitude.
    • They will know how much easier life is now.
  • Family History can help them with their problems.
    • Somebody has probably been there before and survived it.
  • Family History can give them a broader, more unselfish perspective.
    • They will see the bigger picture of the span of life.
  • Family History encourages good skills.
    • Logic, detective skills, writing, communication, organization.
  • Family History gives a context for other knowledge.
    • History geography, languages, religion, culture—Margaret Mitchell, Alex Haley, inspired by their family history.
  • You could use some help.
    • They might break through your brick wall someday.
  • It will be moving for you to see the span of your family reaching out/down.
    • My perspective on my life, history, and the span of our family is amazing when I see my children involved.
  • You may find someone who will carry it on.
    • No one will care about your research work more than your own family can
Let us help you get them involved. And at 50% off, you can't beat it with a stick. :-)

Monday, October 11, 2010

The second week of our Month of Sales

It's October 11th and through the 17th is our next October sale. We want to give you a chance to experience (or experience again) our magnificent customer service with our decorative custom charts. Just submit a file with our free consultation or email to get started. We are offering a Second Copy Free for any chart started the second week of October, just give us the code 4FCDC3972 when you submit your order.

Let me show you a few custom charts we've done to get your creative juices flowing.We'd love to help you create one for your family to show them what you have researched. We always love to help you share your family history with your family.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family History Expo CA with my Dad.

Heading home through the Sierras singing to the Carpenters with my Dad. "The best love songs are written with a broken *arm*" and my favorite, "It's a new day for those good old dreams."

We just had the best time in the Bay Area. Holly's Family History Expo was outstanding as usual. Pleasanton had the best crowd I think we've ever had. I so appreciated the nods of agreement while I was teaching and the excitement for the topics. It was so easy to lecture there because the people were so personable and eager to hear what we had to say. I so appreciated that. And it was great to tell people about Generation Maps and have them get all excited. After explaining to one woman what we could do for her, she exclaimed, "I'm so excited, I just have to give you a hug." :-)

And of course I always love to hang out with my blogger friends. I actually got to spend a little time in the blogger's lounge this time. A little anyway. It is a good thing I get to talk to these people online and read what is going on with them, because otherwise I'd hardly ever get to talk to them :-) L to R Kathryn Doyle, Elizabeth O'Neal, Denise Levenick, Amy Coffin, Your's Truly, Thomas MacEntee, Lisa Alzo, Holly Hansen, A.C. Ivory. These are such fantastic assets to the genealogy community. I don't know how they all do it, but I always learn so much about genealogy--and about life--from them. A special thanks to Amy Coffin, who helped me straighten out my Twitter account so that I can talk to everybody better.

And a very special thanks to Lisa Louise Cooke for the wonderful geneabloggers party Saturday night. I've found the person I aspire to be. What a sweet wonderful lady she is. And what a wonderful hostess. I'm so glad she let her hostess abilities shine for us. Look at the cake! And her beautiful home was a veritable museum of her family's history. We had a wonderful time. My Dad got to spend some time talking to her daughter and her husband and was so impressed with the whole family. Thank you so much Lisa.

My Mom and my daughter were supposed to come with me but after the wedding Mom decided she needed some rest and Dad needed a break. He grew up in the bay area, so it was really, really fun to bring him to this expo. He was a great help at the booth (My Mom and Dad have always been my best assets), but the best part was visiting where he grew up in El Cerrito. Here he is in front of 7708 Ricardo Court, where he lived when he was going to high school and when he married my Mom. My Grandfather, Alvin G Carpenter taught at UC Berkeley and they lived there for most of that time. It was nice to see the home was kept up and looked nice (even though the people who lived there had forgotten to close their garage. LOL)
Grandma and Grandpa also bought the house next door, later after my parents got married. The summer after I was born, they actually came home for the summer and I spent the summer living in this house next door. I wish I'd been old enough to enjoy the view. Both homes had an incredible view of the bay area, with views of both the bay bridge and the golden gate bridge. They were beautiful homes. I don't remember either house at all though because my grandparents followed my parents to Utah about the time I was 3 years old.
Dad had to go up and knock on the door, but even though the garage door was open and there were two cars there, no one came to the door. Dad was disappointed not to be able to meet the people who lived there now. It would have been nice to be able to thank them for taking good care of the house. Its funny how attached you can be to a house. It's sentimental to see it, and even though Dad doesn't have an attachment to it now, I kind of do. It's part of our history. I feel the same about the house I grew up in.

Then we went past Dad's high school. Dad was an El Cerrito Gaucho. In fact, he was student body president 50 years ago next year. The high school was actually rebuilt about 5 years ago. Dad was glad to see such a beautiful new building. We were there about the time that school let out and it was good to see so many nice, responsible looking kids. Dad ran in to the office, and bought a sweatshirt and blanket they had. "I was student body president here 50 years ago, do you have a sweatshirt I can buy? :-)" He's going to send one to his best friend from high school. It was good to see him having so much fun and to have so much with him. Dad reminisced alot about friends he had, and where everybody lived, and I got to listen to all sorts of stories. It is amazing to me how much different Dad's life, and thus my life could have been had small choices been different. Really makes you wonder about the grand scheme of things.

Best of all, I have a great new family history story/picture for the kids. Grandpa had to walk up some really steep hills to get home from school. Up high on the hillside in El Cerrito with great views, makes for some strenuous walks. Too bad it was only up hill one way. Up hill both ways would have gone better with the family legends.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Adding a member of the family

Happy 1 week Anniversary to my Little Sis!

My last sister to get married, Miss Emily, became Mrs. Emily Park last week on September 30th. It was the sweetest day I just have to blog about it. The two of them couldn't stop grinning, even when they were just standing around. My family of origin is now completely filled out. It still has me reeling to have our family change so much last year when my other two sisters got married. The family was the same for 16 years, and then all of the sudden over this last year there are three new members. But they've chosen well, and I really like these guys. Really, really like them.

The most beautiful thing is how happy Emily is. She was the most joyful looking bride I've ever seen. It is so good to see my little sis so blissful. Josh is a sweet compliment to her, and just as blissful. He is a great addition to our family. Emily kind of surprised us. She has dated lots and lots of guys over the years, some for a long time. With Josh, they only started dating a little while ago, and once they knew it was right they were only engaged for 8 weeks. It was fast, but I trust that she knew what she was looking for, and she knew when she had found it. And I can already see that Josh is a perfect match for her.
So there are now 5 amazing men who have been brave enough to marry the 5 sisters in my family. I have to show you the picture (above) that we took a couple of weeks ago when we were taking family pictures. They were all standing there looking at their phones, while we were putting the picture together, and it was such a perfect capture of their essence that we went ahead and staged the picture this way. (Apparently Colin (left) has AT&T :-) I think this is my all time favorite picture anywhere. It is amazing that we found 5 guys courageous enough to take us on. (And look how we've turned them all grey already :-)
The formidable women of my family.

Emily is so creative and the whole wedding had a beautiful, classy, inspired feel to it. When I heard she was organizing everything in purples and greys and yellow, I thought that sounded kind of different, but everything was so beautiful. Kristen and I stood around wishing we had had purple themed weddings too. Especially when my favorite color is purple anyway.

And when she decided that she wanted a roof of parasols over the whole garden, I think we all wondered how that was going to work. (Especially my Dad.) But it was the hit of the evening. Josh and his friends spent 2 days putting it together for her. It was such a sweet tribute to his love for her. And when the lights went on it was spectacular. A beautiful frame for such a lovely evening with so many family and friends. It was of course so fun to get to see everyone I love so much.

And of course we did a bunch of giclees for them, I didn't get alot of pictures of all the prints but of course they were gorgeous. Like Amy, (Emily's twin) they looked like they should have been in a Bridal Magazine.

A great time was had by all. I love weddings. I love being able to see everyone. I wish we could have one every day. But I suppose they wouldn't be so special then.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New Blank Charts

A Gallery of Our New Blank Charts

You can order them, and all our other blank charts, for 1/2 off this week at

Monday, October 4, 2010

New Blank Charts and 4 Weeks of Sales

October is Sale Month at Generation Maps
We are launching new products and giving you a chance to stock up for the holidays. We know November is traditionally the time to be thankful, but we are so grateful for our wonderful clients that we've decided to jump the gun a little and declare October "Sale Month" for Generation Maps. Four of our biggest are coming this month. Thanks for your continued support.
  • For this week--October 4th through the 10th, we have wonderful new blank charts we want to show off. So the first week of October blank charts are going to be 50% off. Just enter the code 1BC101050 at checkout.
If you were signed up for our newsletter you would know all about the other sales coming for each of the other weeks in October. Or you can watch here. I'll keep you informed.

Give us a call (801)836-6748 or drop us a line at if we can help you place your order. We love helping you show off your family history. This month you'll also be able to save money off our already fabulous prices while you do it.