Saturday, April 30, 2022

Set Style Charts-Filled In Fill-in-the-blank Charts

We often take our fill-in-the-blank charts to genealogy conferences.  And we often get asked, can you fill these in for us?  Well--we could, but they would need to be created and refined by a designer--until now.  We've added some of our most popular fill-in-the-blank charts to our line up of set style charts.  If you are sure your data is good to go, you can now order a set style chart that is easier and cheaper than our full custom charts.  They are still designed by our talented designers.  And they're put through our quality control tests to make sure they don't just come out like a run of the mill automated chart.  So they're beautiful on a budget.  Take a look:

Topeka 20x24 inches, 6 generations

Stockholm 20x24 inches, 5 generations

Mesa 24x36 inches, 8 generations

Denver 24x36 inches, 8 generations

Branson 20x24 inches, 5 generations

Boston 20x24 inches. 5 generations

They're all published with a crisp clear, readable font.

You can get yours today at  Check them out!

Friday, April 29, 2022

Set Style Charts--A family is a growing organism.

That's why a tree is such a perfect symbol.  With branches stretching up into the future, and roots stretching down into the past, the tree is a beautiful image of a family.  When we first started creating family history charts we thought trees were kind of cliche, but now we've grown to love them.  And we have so many beautiful representations we can use on your charts.  You can check some of them out in our gallery at 

So it works well that in design trends right now organic, earthy, nature themed decorating is super popular.  One of our favorite places to have retreats is at the Mountainside Marriott in Park City.  We decided to do a riff off some of the decorating elements found there.  Our talent designer Amy took the tree rings and turned them into a family history work of art.  

We named each of them after a species of birch tree:

Grandulosa Birch

Mountain Birch

River Birch
Sweet Birch 

And a super cool looking font.
You can order yours at  They'll be a beautiful representation of your family and a beautiful piece of art for your walls. 



Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Memorial Day Sale--Working Charts 25% off

Hey Everyone.  We have an opportunity for you to get ready early for your family reunion this year and save money in the process!

We've only done a few working chart sales in our whole 18 year existence so this is a great opportunity you shouldn't miss.

You might need a quick draft copy of research you are working on, or you may be looking for something to hang up at this year's family reunion to let people write on and add information. Either way, be sure to take advantage of this sale.

Two deadlines to keep in mind:
  • Send in your final file between now and May 20th. We can't accept any additions for this offer after this date.
  • Order by May 30th at midnight.

Use the code FAMILYMEMORIAL to take 25% off any working chart.

Start with sending your information in for a free consultation at  

Please collect all of the information you want on your chart before sending it to us.  While we are able to make minor corrections on charts, we can no longer start chart development or give quotes until all of the necessary family information is gathered.  

Good, Better, Even Better and Best

Now with the Set Style charts we have so many options for design, size, information, we're sure to have something that fits your need for a chart and your budget.  You can think of them as Good, Better, Even Better and Best.  Take a look:

Our GOOD charts are fill in the blank charts.  Generally in about the $30 range, depending on the paper you choose, these charts have blanks for you to fill in your family information.  They are great when you are still researching, or if you want to work on a family project together or preserve a grandmother's handwriting.  With 41 designer styles, ranging from 4 to 15 generations, you're sure to find something that fits your needs. 
Our BETTER charts are our working charts.  These are basic black and white or color coded charts that we print from your genealogy data.  With no online preview, and no extra design work, these are generally considered draft copies.  They are perfect for hanging up on the wall in your genealogy cave or taking to the family reunion and writing on.  These charts can go as far as  you want.  So far our record is 30,000 people which took 800 feet of charts.  If you have more than that we'd love to give it a try.
Our EVEN BETTER charts are our new Set Style charts.  These charts have a predesignated design.  You just choose the design, send in your information and we send you out the chart with your information.  These are more artistic, designer charts but without the process of working with a designer.  If you want a quick, inexpensive but beautiful chart to hang on your wall, these are perfect.  Initial copies start at $64 or $89 depending on the paper you choose, so extra copies come down to as low as $32.

Finally we have our BEST charts.  These are our fully custom designer charts with our online preview service.  If you are looking for something unique, with an amazing customer service experience, this is it.  Just send in your information for a free consultation and we'll assign you a designer that will work with you and send you mock ups until everything is perfect and you tell us to print.  Typically in the $300 to $400 range with extra copies at 1/2 price, these charts are amazing heirlooms that your family will enjoy for years to come. 
With all of our charts, you can just get started by going to  Send us your information and we'll send you out the perfect chart for your family.  We're honored to be able to help you print and display your family history in a beautiful, engaging way. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Set Style Charts--All the colors of the rainbow

 When our designers came up with these rainbow charts, we were so excited.  They're super contemporary and modern looking and we knew they'd be perfect for so many settings.  So we introduced them in all of the colors of the rainbow.  

 We named each of them after the word rainbow in different languages.  Take a look:  
Arcus (Latin)

Bogha Frois (Scots Gaelic)

Regenbogen (German)

Sateenkaari (Finnish)
Arcobaleno (Italian)
Tecsa (Polish)
And look at the super cute font!

Perfect for gifts and super simple, they're inexpensive enough to send to all of the grandchildren.  Order yours today at

Monday, April 25, 2022

Announcing a Whole New Chart Concept--Set Style Charts

If you follow our newsletter (and you should--just sign up on the front page of our website at or if you follow us on social media (instagram, facebook or twitter) You will have heard about our new product.  We're trying a whole new approach to charts, and it is going to save you money!  That's always good right? 

With our custom charts, you work with one of our designers and we send previews and make sure everything is exactly the way you want it.   With this service, we can create any kind of chart you can dream up and make any corrections you need, but the online approval process isn't instant, and working with a designer can be a little more costly even though we've tried to keep the costs reasonable. You can see some samples of the amazing charts our designers have created in the decorative chart section of our gallery.

With our working charts, we dispense with the online preview and the design work, but we can't offer anything but the basic chart because we won't be showing you the preview so it is kind of hard to imagine what a more decorative chart is going to look like.  So we keep these simple draft copies and they're inexpensive but not decorative at all.  You can see some samples in the working chart section of our gallery.

Well we've finally come up with a middle solution that we know will appeal to lots of our clients. 

We're excited announce a new product line: 

Family ChartMasters Set Style Charts

Check them out at

Maybe you:

  • Want a beautiful chart but you're still researching and aren't quite ready for a custom chart.
  • Like the designs you see here and know that your information is clean so you don't need to see the online preview.
  • Want a prettier working chart where you can add information and still show it off to your family.
  • Want to purchase copies for all of your family members but don't want to spend alot of money.
  • Just need something quick, beautiful and inexpensive but professional looking.

With set style charts, since there isn't the online preview process, we're able to offer these charts at much lower prices, but still keep the decorative designer look.  So now you can have a beautiful chart up on your wall, professionally printed with your genealogy information, inexpensively and quickly.  

Take a look at some of these beautiful designs. 

6 cute rainbow charts perfect for a child's bedroom or a more trendy setting.
Four organic tree ring charts where art meets the eye before the genealogy data.
Our most popular fill in the blank designs--filled in for you

You can just submit any kind of genealogy database file, or the page also includes instructions on how to send us your file from MyHeritage and  If you're looking for a chart printed from FamilySearch data, give us a call at 801-872-4278 and we're happy to help you with that over the phone. 

And watch for more designs coming soon.  We're excited to help you with this new option for chart printing--professionally designed charts by the world's leading family chart printing company.  

Check out the charts at