Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We're back and ready to go.

1) Thank you to the National Genealogical Society for having their 2016 national conference in Fort Lauderdale Florida, thus causing everyone to look into cruise schedules.  

2) Thank you to Erin Roudabush for almost 10 years of amazing service to our clients and her great commitment to helping each family express their heritage in a beautiful way. 

3) Thank you to Erin's husband Scott for his unwavering support for Erin's hectic schedule and loyal work ethic. 

4) Thank you to Royal Carribean for taking us to beautiful places and pampering us with great service, fun activities, and delicious food. 

5) and a BIG thank you to Christine and Linda for keeping things humming and running smoothly at home.  (And another BIG thank you to my parents for keeping everyone and everything running smoothly at our home home.)

We are back now, rested and ready for a busy family reunion season. You can send us your family information at  We're looking forward to designing and printing the perfect chart for you!!