Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Family ChartMasters Has Big Surprise!

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mother's Day Ideas and a Dessert Recipe For Strawberry Pie

Mom, NERGC and my Minuteman Ancestor

Last month, I got to take my Mom with me to the NERGC conference in Springfield Mass.  It was great to spend some time with my Mom and I appreciate how supportive she is about our company Family ChartMasters and the Zap the Grandma Gap books.  We flew in early to Boston to see some sites and visit my cousin up at Dartmouth.  We had a great trip and I really enjoyed our time together.  (Check out Mom's Strawberry Pie recipe over on the Zap the Grandma Gap Blog)
Mom at the Cary Library
One of our stops was in Lexington.  Straight up my Mother's patriarchal line is a Minuteman who fought in the battle in Lexington and we were looking for more information about him.  In the 60s my Grandmother, (Mom's Mom) had recorded that we were related to George Dana (1741) who lived in Cambridge and fought in the battle of Lexington on April 19th 1775.  We've found him in Massachusetts Soldier's and Sailors (Vol 4, pg. 388) but unfortunately we didn't find much more about him on this trip.  I wish we'd had more time.  But the librarian in me loved the beautiful Cary Memorial Library and I totally related to the cute librarian who helped us, with her sweater twin set and pearls.  She was the cutest. 
George Dana as contributed by Susan Durso to FamilySearch

There are numerous DAR applications who cite their lines to George.  Mom and I ought to look into that.  There's always more genealogy to do isn't there.  So much fun.  

The NERGC conference was wonderful.  They attract a really advanced crowd which I thoroughly enjoy.  This conference has become a must do for Family ChartMasters.  Looking forward to Manchester, New Hampshire in 2019.  I'm going to take a quick trip up to Maine that time and see if I can get down into the single digits for states I haven't been to.  Stay tuned...