Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Annual Favorites 2020: Celebrating Ethnic Heritage

 We finally have our last installment of our 2020 Annual Favorites!!  And these charts are all celebrating their genealogical heritage while also celebrating their ethnicity!  These were such a joy to create!  As always, we get permission from our customers to share these, and we change the information on the charts to protect their privacy.  Take a look!  They are simply beautiful!

This chart uses flags to share the countries from which each line originated from.  Simple and stunning.

Crests and flags and photos galore!  The background of the chart is a photograph of the Scottish highlands, where this family originated.

Italian ancestry is celebrated in this chart, with a simple flag and country map.  Splendid!

This family's Irish ancestry is represented more subtly with the clovers, creating a beautifully arranged chart that has such hidden value.

Dutch ancestry is represented in this chart in many ways.  I love the watercolor background elements, and the muted tones of the colors.

How much did you LOVE last year's charts??  We can create whatever YOU want for your family history charts!  Send in your information for a free consultation today!