Friday, December 18, 2015

Gift Certificate Flash Sale

Announcing our Gift Certificate Flash Sale.


on all Family ChartMasters Gift Certificates

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The gift certificates are a .pdf that comes immediately to your email that you can then send to your friends electronically or print to give.  They come in $25 and $50 denominations.

Our gift certificates are the perfect Christmas gift to help a friend show off their family's history. A Personal Designer will help your friend create a beautiful chart from the family history information they send in.  Or if you are planning to create a chart for yourself in the next year, now is the time to save money on it.  We have 2 different services that the gift certificates are good for:

First, we have our Decorative Chart option where we can design any size or style of chart your gift recipient wants.  We can do a pedigree, bowtie, hourglass, etc., we can also include both ancestors and descendants, in-laws and outlaws on a chart. We will add a title, border, background, pictures, or other decorative elements. When they send in their genealogy information, we'll create a mock up based on their suggestions and then we'll work back and forth with their suggestions and new mock ups to make sure everything is perfect  before we print.  We're sure we can come up with something they will love--otherwise we keep working with them on it until we do.  We generally keep these charts to typical frame sizes so that they are easy to find frames for.  The pricing for these charts depends on the size of the chart and the paper choice.  All of our papers and ink for decorative charts are high quality and archival safe. You can view sample charts, pricing here:
Our gallery of charts and other decorative elements we can incorporate is at:   Other charts we've designed can be seen on our blog at  Basically anything you can dream up and describe to us, we can create for you.

Second, we have our Working Chart option where we can print a simple ancestor pedigree, or a descendant chart.  We print the chart as it comes out of the data with no editing, no title, no border, no decorative features.  These charts are on 20 lb. standard bond paper, non-archival ink and paper.  This type of chart is priced by the foot, so pricing depends on how big the family plots out.  Recipients can see options and sample pricing at but if they don't see what you are looking for there, just let us know.  We have lots of options for working charts.

Pricing for all of our charts can be found at  Generally around $100-$150 will cover the cost of a decorative chart.  Working charts are $30 and up depending on the size of the chart.  
Both of these options start by sending the family history information for a free consultation at  We're happy to look at the information and send back some ideas for sizes and prices. With all of the charts we design, additional copies of the exact chart are 1/2 off. We ship USPS Priority Mail and Shipping for 1-3 charts in the USA is an additional $11.95.

We'll take good care of your loved ones with our great customer service.  We're looking forward to making you look good.

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Sale valid through December 25, 2015.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Santa Baby Meme

Friday to Friday Flash Sale on Gift Certificates Coming Soon

Rather than giving more stuff, the gift of an experience has become all the rage.  And what better experience can you give than working together as a family with the personal designers at Family ChartMasters to create a beautiful family history chart that will instantly become an heirloom. 

You can give that experience to your family, and we're going to make it even easier and more affordable.  From December 18th to the 25th we will be offering our gift certificates on a buy four get the fifth free sale.  They come in $25 and $50 values and are an instant download that you just print and give.  The recipient can expect to be treated like royalty and we'll help them create any kind of chart they can dream up. 

Watch our newsletter, our blog, our facebook page, twitter feed or google plus feed Friday for a special link to take advantage of this great offer.  And if you are planning a chart in the near future, you may want to grab a few of these for yourself too. 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Holiday Heirlooms Can Help Connect Your Family To Their History

When I was about 8 years old, and my little sister was about 6, my Mom helped us create a little salt dough nativity set for my Matriarchal Grandparents Darrel and Eila Dana.  We carefully crafted the pieces and painted them and sealed them with shellac.  We even made a card with our Shrinky Dinks and signed our names.  I was surprised how much Grandma loved that nativity.  It was always displayed in a place of honor at Christmas time.  When she passed, my Mother saved them for me.  They are a sweet reminder of my Grandmother and the love she had for me.  
Another holiday heirloom in our home is a beautiful Christmas ornament that was smocked by my Patriarchal Grandmother Hortense Carpenter.  She was always the consummate homemaker with lavish parties and great food and a whole room of fabric she used to create beautiful things.  She had taken a smocking class in the late 1970s and that Christmas she invited each of her grandchildren to take home an ornament from her tree.  She was surprised when I chose this ornament she had made because she didn't think it was her best work.  But even at that young age, I knew and heirloom when I saw one.  I think she was pleased that I took it and she knew I would treasure it and pass it down in my own family.

Each year when we get out the Christmas decorations, I love to tell my kids about the wonderful ladies that my Grandmothers were and how much they loved me.  I love to think about them as I see these things in my home and honoring them has become part of my holiday season.  Do you have any holiday heirlooms that you use during this time of the year?  Maybe a Menorah that has been passed down, or some beautiful dishes?  Be sure you are telling the stories of these people and helping the next generation of your family feel the appreciation you have for those who have made your family what it is today.

We wish you the happiest of holidays with you and yours.  Thank you for being part of our conversation this year.  We really appreciate you and look forward to spending many more years celebrating our family histories together.