Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My new project genealogyDOTcoach featured on Extreme Genes and Dear Myrtle's Hangouts

It was great to talk to Scott Fisher about genealogyDOTcoach this week.  He is excited about this new venture and has really caught the vision about how much this will help the genealogy Do-It-Yourselfer.  We appreciate Scott’s support and look forward to helping his listeners with their genealogy challenges.  Take a listen.  Our interview starts at the 25 minute mark but the rest of the podcast is great too!  Thanks Fish!

And then last night I got to talk to Dear Myrtle with our wonderful coaches Nicka Smith and Valerie Elkins.  Myrt's hangouts are fun and tonight, she was actually out to dinner but her "cousin Sadie" came to chat with us.  It was fun to show off Valerie and Nicka's expertise and get responses from people in the audience.  "Cousin Sadie" actually showed off how to book an appointment and we all had a great time.  You can listen in at

I just love the people I get to work with.  I hope you have a great time listening to the fun we had and all the excitement about this new opportunity to work with professional genealogists in a new and exciting way.  Check it out at

Friday, September 23, 2016

Our Customers Love Their Genealogy Charts

We love creating genealogy and family history charts for your families and we absolutely love it when our Family ChartMasters customers share how pleased they are! Here are some of our most recent happy emails from our customers....

From Lesley who presented the chart at a 50th anniversary: "...I never go back to you after our family get together to let you know how well the chart was received. You did a fantastic job and everyone loved, loved the chart!"

From Teresa who gave a chart as a gift to her parents: "Here's a photo of my parents with their chart.  I posted it on FB and got so many compliments; several asked where I'd gotten it done so I passed along your info.  My parents were thrilled with their gift and it generated a lot of discussion at our family gathering.  Thanks very much for such a fine job, especially under tight time constraints."

Susan decorated for a family reunion: [When she received the chart] "I am so pleased with the 12 generation ancestor chart color coded! It is spectacular. I can't wait to show the family…[After the event], “All generations and even the staff at the hotel enjoyed the charts.”

Maureen took her chart all the way to Europe to share with her family: "To say the Cannon Wall Chart was a huge success is truly an understatement. They loved it! They were amazed I had so much information about them. The little ones were delighted to see a photo of themselves… Many thanks for your wonderful work and service in providing such a splendid gift for me to share with my Irish cousins….Everyone who has seen my chart is so impressed."

Family ChartMasters would love to create a chart for your next big family event or for gift-giving in the upcoming holidays.  Check out our chart gallery or upload your file here for a free family history chart consultation.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

All In One Genealogy Charts: Anything You Can Dream Up

As we here at Family ChartMasters has gotten better and better at displaying complicated family information, one of the most frequent requests we get now is to show off "all of my family tree."  Many times people have researched deep into in-laws family lines, step families, or multiple extended lines where they go off in different directions.  And our answer is always YES, WE REALLY CAN DESIGN ANYTHING YOU CAN DREAM UP. According to my knowledge, Family ChartMasters is really the only place you can find charts like this which print everyone in your file in an understandable way.  We have examples that show 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cousin lines with multiple lines of ancestors, as well as ancestors of all the in-laws and step families.

Most of the time we can do it in either a left to right, or top to bottom format.
Often we'll use color coding and photos to help the viewer orient themselves to the tree. These samples are color coded so that you can clearly see the unique layout in these small thumbnails.  Most of these charts were originally 3x6 feet or more. 
As always, you can send us your information through the Family ChartMasters free consultation page.  When we have a request for a chart showing all of the individuals in the file, we usually send you three options.

The first option is to use the Family Tree Maker software and print an extended family chart.  This is usually a descendancy type chart with anyone who doesn't fit into the regular descendancy format (in-laws, step families and such) shown off to the right of the chart.

As a second option, we'll give you our best effort for fitting most (not all) of the people in your file with a descendancy chart or two.

Then the third option would be our All in One charts.  We take all of the people you want on the chart, manipulate it around, and create a custom chart for you like the samples you see in this blog post. On this type of chart we would make sure everyone is connected and it will be a little easier to understand than the Family Tree Maker chart.  We can place a title on the chart, and decorative border, and add pictures or a background if you want to.  We will also create an on-line preview so you can approve the chart before it is printed.  The pricing for this type of chart is dependent upon the paper you choose and we will keep you informed of that as we go.  When you choose this option, we are happy to work back and forth with you until it is perfect--all included in this price.

We can even fit in pets, neighbors and friends.  Truly anything you can dream up and describe to us, we can do.  Let Family ChartMasters know when you are ready for your amazing All-in-One chart.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Family ChartMasters Price Increase For Custom Decorative Charts
Amazing, perfect, gorgeous professional charts are our specialty.   And experts are pretty much who we have at Family ChartMasters.  Experts who will attend to every detail, work back and forth with you until it is exactly what you are looking for.  Experts who will do whatever it takes to make sure it is perfect for you. 

You want a cream distressed background? They can do it.

You need 38 photos added to your chart along with a map of your ancestor's hometown as the background?  They can do it.

Want to show every single person in your file, sidelines, in-laws, in-laws ancestors, neighbors and pets and who all the fire fighters are in your lines?  They can do it. 

These talented graphic designers take your black and white data and wave their magic wand in the form of carefully arranged layouts, meticulous attention to detail, and customization of each chart until it is the perfect genealogy chart for you. But expert designers don't come cheap.  Since they will take leaps and bounds to make you happy, we need to keep them happy and pay them nicely for their skills.

We are raising prices on our custom decorative family history charts on November 1, 2016, so we are giving you a little heads up.  October 31 will be the last day at our old prices.  Not only are we saving you money, but saving you time because if you order your chart in September or October, you will beat the holiday rush.  And let me tell you, it gets a little hectic around here in November and December.  Send your file now to Family ChartMasters and let us create the perfect family history chart for you.