Friday, August 1, 2008

Will Your Work Survive the Digital Age--Migration

An important part of keeping digital files viable is Migration. You have to keep moving the files into the newest technology including:

  • New Computer Systems—Plan time to migrate all files to the next computer
  • New Computer Software—Make sure all files are updated
  • New File Formats—Make sure all files are migrated to the new format
  • New Storage Systems—Make sure everything gets moved to the new system


  • Continue to migrate all electronic files to the next computer and medium--Have a plan and set a time frame for migration.
  • If possible, annually budget for new computer systems and software, even if the budget is small. Staying relatively current solves technology advancement problems.

Combat digital obsolescence by staying current with the technology and making sure that all files are converted to new formats.

Emulation can help when files become obsolete. Many Libraries and Digital Repositories are working to save old computer systems and software so that we can revive old programs in the future. For genealogists, Family History Centers usually have old versions of genealogy programs, and old floppy disk drives. These serve a great purpose.

Will your work survive the digital age--the Digital Dark Age.
Will your work survive the digital age?
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