Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dear GeneaSanta

Dear GeneaSanta,

This year I would like:

My Great Grandmother's high school ring that I lost. Sugar City High School 1919. Fit perfectly on my pinky. I don't know how in the world I could have lost it in college but I did. That has been so heartbreaking over the years, and I know I've asked before, but if I could have one thing, this would be it. Please bring it back. I just know you can do it.

The Expandable table of my Grandma Carpenter's that my sister sold at a garage sale. It would have matched my furniture so perfectly and we would have loved having Thanksgiving dinner around Grandma's table. I wish I had spoken up, or even bought it from her. If you could bring it back too, that would be great.

A family group picture of Kim's Swedish Anderson ancestors. We have had so much fun researching this line of the family. I have felt so close to them as I have studied the places they lived, and found church records about their challenges and losses. I have wondered about them as I've seen that they have married late in life, or lost young children to disease and death. I would love to see a picture of them. Surely someone brought one over to America with them to be able to remember the family by. If you could find it for me, that would be so great. If you happen across a journal, that would be incredibly wonderful too.

Thank you for the World War II Wedding Cake topper of Grandma and Grandpa Dana's you brought me last year. It is so precious. I have put it in our china hutch next to our wedding cake topper (ala Wilton). I wonder if our inexpensive Wilton cake topper will ever be as precious to someone as Grandma and Grandpa's cake topper is to me.

Also, my friends at school all tell me you don't really live at the North Pole, but are disguised in San Diego under the name Randy Seaver. Considering the "Genea..." name and his picture on facebook, I'm not sure. Please advise.

Lots of love,


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Terry Thornton said...

What a wonderful treat to have your grandparents WW2 wedding cake topper! Thanks or showing a photo of it.
Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi