Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Generation Maps receives Family Search Developer Award

At the Family Search Developers conference today, Generation Maps received the:
WEB USE OF MEDIA CATEGORY: Best Website Feature for Printing Award.

By simply typing in your New FamilySearch username and password, Generation Maps can take data from the new database to print any kind of decorative or working genealogy chart. The award highlights our work in making navigation of the database easier by printing the big picture of the data—off the screen and out where it is all visible.

Early users are really excited to see the extensive data from the database in one piece. One lady said she thought she had been the only person working on her Eastern European lines, and was thrilled to find other cousins to collaborate with, and to be able to see exactly what they had done and compare it to her work.

New FamilySearch is built to encourage collaboration. On each of your ancestors, you are able to see what other people have added about that person. While the system is still being rolled out, and has lots of improvements in the works, it promises to bring a whole new level of collaboration to family history work.

Several years ago Generation Maps was asked with 6 other companies to become one of the LDS church's early commercial affiliates and to develop products to work with the new database that will eventually replace FamilySearch. We have since become one of the first certified affiliates. ( As we sat in the development meetings, we tried to come up with ways that Generation Maps could help the user navigate that database. We focused on getting things out and off the screen to be able to see the big picture--something we do best.

Overall, Generation Maps continues to be your one-stop, easy to use, very affordable source for all kinds and sizes of genealogy charts—all of these available with new FamilySearch data or any easily uploaded genealogy file.

Working Charts -

Inexpensive, expansive charts designed to display many generations of data all on one chart. Perfect for assisting your research, family reunion displays, etc.

FamilySearch Family Tree Charts -

Designed to help you navigate the information, then efficiently analyze, organize and clean up the data found in the new program.

Decorative Charts -

Beautiful handcrafted, decorative charts for framing. Select from various backgrounds, fonts and embellishments; add photographs, include step families or other relationships, then create exactly what you want. Generation Maps individually handcrafts each chart, giving personal attention to quality and detail. With decorative charts, the user will receive a website link to your chart via email so you can approve your creation before it is printed.

There is no software to purchase, no program to learn, and no need to search for an over-sized, professional, archival printer. Extra copies of any personalized genealogy chart are half-price, making them perfect for gift giving. Gift certificates are also available. Generation Maps helps you surround your family with a sense of their heritage and charts are a wonderful, easy way to explain to your family members the research that has been accomplished. With Generation Maps, it's easy — just pick out your chart, upload your files, and it arrives on your doorstep! Generation Maps ( is the place to come for all your genealogical chart printing needs.

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