Friday, May 1, 2009

An assortment of new resources

Browzing though the current Library Journal reviews I came across a few resources my Genealogist friends might be interested in. Take a look at these, or head over to your local library to see if they have bought them yet.

Underground Railroad: Encyclopedia of People, Places and Operations. 2 volumes 746 pages. Wouldn't it be exciting to find an ancestor in here? Maybe one of your family's towns is there.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Courtship and Sexuality through history. 6 volumes. 1620 pages. I would like to look up some ideas on Swedish courtship and marriage practices in this one for some research we've been doing on Kim's family. Maybe it will help you with yours.

Greenwood Encyclopedia of Clothing through American History: 1900 to the Present. 2 volumes. 820 pages. This one would be helpful in identifying photographs. A new version of the full encyclopedia covering mroe time periods is scheduled to come out in Jan 0f 2010.

And a couple of website resources looked good too:

Documenting the American South: a digital libary of primary sources on the culture, literature and history of the South from the holdings at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Encyclopedia of Alabama. A well designed site developed by the Alabama Humanities Foundation and Auburn University. While I wish the history section was larger, the articles are well written and include good lists of additional resources. There is alot of history in all of the sections though, including cemeteries in the "geography and environment" section, and lots of biographies in the "people of alabama" and other sections. So use the search feature but browse around a bit too.

Hope one of these helps you get around a tough research spot. You never know where you might stumble across something.

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