Friday, August 14, 2009

Fits and Starts

You'll probably notice that my blogging comes in fits and starts. Like many other genealogists I am working to find a way to balance the social networking--facebook, twitter, and blogging (and blog reading) with the other things I do in life.

Yesterday I received birthday wishes on Facebook, GenealogyWise, my blog, and even on Twitter. It was so awesome to feel the love from such good friends. But some of them I didn't see right away--and hopefully that's ok. With many many blogs I like to read, lots of people to follow on twitter and facebook, there is tons out there that I don't want to miss. Some days I'm able to read it all, and some days I can't. So the solution I've found is that some days I do and some days I don't. But I can usually catch back up pretty good when I do find the time.

One of the greatest things about social networking is the democratization of publishing. There are some fantastic writers out there that I might never have heard of in the newspaper/book age. But now because of the internet , the cream has really risen to the top. And you can even become great friends with these people. There is some great genealogy information out there in the social networking arena--I learn so much--and I've decided that is definitely worth my time.

There was a great article posted a little while ago about this issue. You'll notice that a bunch of the comments are from some really great bloggers.

I think the key is to keep it all in perspective with each other. Before the networking, before the blogging, even before Generation Maps, I had to set priorities between kids, and volunteer work, and my husband, friends, projects and all sorts of things that demanded my time. You really have plenty of time for anything you want to. Sometimes people even tell me that they don't have time for genealogy--imagine that! It makes me sad for all the great benefits of genealogy that they are missing. Sometimes you just have to sit down and remember what those most important things are to you, and then divy out your time accordingly.

I guess it was twittered best tonight by @ TheGenealogue "I should really tweet more and eat and sleep less..." Well maybe eat less anyway.

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