Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours

From a newsletter we sent out a couple of years ago:

One of our treasured Thanksgiving recipes comes from rural Wisconsin where Kim grew up. Kim's mother taught us how to make it the way her mother made it and we are so grateful she did. We miss her now that she has passed on, but are grateful to remember her every year at Thanksgiving with this dish.
1/2 Orange peel,
2 Oranges peeled,
2 Apples, cored with peel left on,
1 cup nuts (we prefer pecans)
1 pound cranberries.
Grind each ingredient in a food processor until chunky. Mix together in a mixing bowl and add sugar to taste.

I know you've probably already eaten this Thanksgiving, but this recipe is good with lots of different main dishes, or any other big dinner you might have coming up for the holidays.
We hope you enjoy your family's traditions this year, and then continue to make more of your own.

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