Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family ChArtist -- Transparency

Well, this blog post is late tonight. I've been answering emails and phone calls about all the excitement about our new program all day. Thank you so much. We are so gratified with all the attention, and now are even more committed to getting this finished up and working perfectly for all the wonderful genealogists we get to work with.

When you first try out Family ChArtist you might take a look at some of the embellishments and backgrounds and wonder how they could work well with a genealogy chart. Several of them are deep colors. We've done that on purpose, so that you have the flexibility to make the chart the way you want it to be. You have all the control, even in how deep or light the colors are. We've called that transparency. Let me show you... All these charts are from the same background.
We've given that to you on a sliding scale, so that you get to decide exactly where you want it. And we'll let you decide how vibrant you want your backgrounds, your embellishments and even the pictures you've added.By letting you decide on the transparency, we've let you decide whether you want to focus on the genealogy information or make it more of an art piece with the genealogy a more subtle aspect.So be gathering those pictures, and get your information ready. It's coming.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update regarding the background colors for the new charts. I know that I am going to love using the transparency tool to adjust the background the way I would like it to be. Thank you for offering choices.

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

This is so cool looking!