Friday, March 12, 2010

Family ChArtist's first week/Monday's winners

It's been quite a week. And we are already on to version 1.1 of Family ChArtist. (Can you see the version notation in the new graphic?)

The bad news is we ran into a couple of glitches. Such is to be expected I guess. You work and work to get everything perfect, but computers can sometimes have a mind of their own. The good news is we were able to fix things quickly and version 1.1 is already out. And we sent out a couple of 20% off codes for people who had alerted us to the glitches. So if you see any more--let us know.

The other good news is that the response has been great. We are so appreciative of all the excitement everyone has had. It is so gratifying to hear the stories about how you are using this new tool to share what you have done with your families and to see the exciting styles you have submitted for printing. Thank you so much for allowing us to participate in your family this way.

We are still having some issues with certain types of GEDCOM import but hope to get those fixed very soon. If your GEDCOM isn't importing this weekend, try exporting your GEDCOM from your genealogy program as an ANSI file. We know that one is working well. And we should have the other types fixed shortly.

And, in all of the excitement, I didn't ever announce the winners of our drawings on Monday. Congratulations to P.S. Eagleson (Facebook winner), B. Feldstein (Twitter Winner) and B. Renick (GenealogyWise winner.) We'll be sending out $25 gift certificates that are good for Family ChArtist, or any of our other options--Working Charts, Custom Charts, Photo Giclees, Blank Charts, and everything else. Gift Cards are also available for purchase. And don't forget our free consult too. We'd love to print the perfect chart for you.

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