Monday, April 12, 2010

Janet's Guide to Salt Lake City--Food Close By the Library

For restaurants, I thought I'd start with the places to grab a bite that are closest to the conference and the Family History Library. There is a great map of downtown, showing a list of restaurants and nightlife on a wider range, but let me tell you about the places closest to the conference.

The closest, closest restaurant is JBs on the corner of West Temple and South Temple right in between the library and the Salt Palace. If you are not to picky, and just don't want to walk anywhere, JB's is your place.

But if you are willing to walk a block (1/8 of a mile), there are lots of other great options right near the library and the Salt Palace.

To the South, on Second south, is Toaster's Deli. With a wide assortment of sandwiches, soups and salads, this coffee shop is an award winning place to grab a bite and get back to the conference.

To the East of the Salt Palace there are lots of other great options too. Common chain restaurants within a block are the Olive Garden at the South East corner of the Convention Center, and Benihanas across the street to the East. A new restaurant winning high awards called the Naked Fish Bistro where you can get reservations on the website. It is right across the street from the Salt Palace on the corner of 1st South. I haven't tried it yet, but I've seen reviews all over the place. It is supposed to be fantastic Japanese cuisine. Just past the Naked Fish on First South is Cafe Molise, a good Italian restaurant with a nice garden patio and Jazz on Friday nights.

There are three favorites with the locals on the block between first and second south too. Siegfried's Delicatessen is one of my favorites from from my high school days and even though it has changed hands and changed locations it is still a great place to get authentic German food on Second South And Lamb's Grill, is like a step back in time and is a favorite for breakfast with locals, but really has great food all around. Lambs is on the other side of the block on Main Street between first and second south. Then of course there is Blue Iguana with big plates of great Mexican food in a basement place down in the middle of the block.

The hotels close by have some good restaurants too. To the South is the Marriott with Elevations Restaurant, Destinations Lounge, and Starbucks. Elevations is the Marriott's American/Continental restaurant. The Hilton is a favorite place with Spencer's for Steaks and Chops. You can book reservations on their website and I highly recommend it. And the Radisson to the North of the Conference Center has the Copper Canyon Grill House, another great place where you can't go wrong with most anything on the menu.

Then to the North and East along South Temple, on the East side of Temple Square you'll find the Joseph Smith Memorial Building with the Roof, Garden Restaurant and Nauvoo Cafe, and just beyond that in Brigham Young's historic home, the Lion House Pantry. The Roof is a fine restaurant on the tenth floor with sweeping views of Salt Lake and a large gourmet buffet. The Garden Restaurant is on the other side of the floor, but with a more casual setting and smaller prices. And the Nauvoo Cafe is on the main floor of the Joseph Smith Building with fabulous sandwiches and bread pudding to die for. Then the Lion House Pantry is your place for home style cooking with famous rolls and food that has inspired a popular line of cookbooks.

So there you have it. There are plenty of great options right next to the conference center and the library. You don't even have to go very far.


Finn said...

Another great place to eat is J. Wong Asian Bistro just across 2nd South from the Salt Palace. Great Food!!

Janet Hovorka said...

You are right. That's a great addition. Thanks.

Sheri Fenley said...

What can you tell us about the "cafeteria" - the one where you are supposed to ask in the FHL for a pass to eat there? What are the prices like, is it crowded, what is the best time eat there, etc.

Janet Hovorka said...

I hadn't heard about these passes but have looked into it. There is a cafeteria in the basement of the LDS Church Office Building (East of Temple Square) that is usually designated for church employees only. I believe it is open from 10 to 1:30 daily and has exceptionally low prices. Apparently you can ask at the information desk at the Family History Library for a pass to eat that day at this cafeteria. The person I talked to didn't think there would be a limit to the passes given out the week of NGS, but I would definitely check with the information desk early in the morning. And I would expect the cafeteria to be most busy between noon and 1:00.