Thursday, May 5, 2011

Naming Contest Winners

As you can see by how long it has taken us to come to this point, the re-naming of Generation Maps has been a long process. We had 348 contest entries. Since the contest closed on April 4th, we've been through several focus groups with a double blind look at all of the suggestions. We've weighed and discussed and hammered and examined and reviewed and sifted and hashed out and negotiated. I feel really good about the process. After building this company for almost eight years, with all the love and hard work we have poured into it, it is hard to rename and feel good about it even though we knew it needed to be done. But, I think we have the name that really expresses what we do and will take us into the bright future with a smooth path ahead.

At long last, we had a decision! So who won? When we went back through, we were astounded to find out that the winning entry was submitted by an employee. Good Grief. It wouldn't be fair to award an employee the contest prize.

So, we have decided to award 4 prizes. One for the person who submitted the name closest to the one we've chosen and next in line for being the winner. And three runners-up. They are:

  • Steve Freeman Grand Prize Winner $300 Generation Maps Credit (Can't tell you yet or we'd have to kill you :-)
  • Drew Smith Runner-up $50 Generation Maps Credit "On-the-Wall Genealogy"
  • Amanda Forson Runner up $50 Generation Maps Credit "Kinprints"
  • Marilyn L Quinby Runner up $50 Generation Maps Credit "See My Tree"
Congratulations to them. And thank you so much to all of our wonderful followers who worked so hard to come up with so many great options for us. We so appreciate you.

We're working on logos and everything involved in rebranding. It is a big project. We will announce the new name with the new website, facebook, twitter, newsletter and etc on June 1st.


Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

Looking forward to hearing what you chose for your new company name! :)

Unknown said...

Janet, I have never understood why there is a certain segment in the gen world that seems to begrudge anyone - vendor or not, for charging for or receiving payment for services or products.

I say lucky are the people who can make a living at what they love. I support those who try!

Best wishes and much success!