Friday, August 19, 2011

Unique family history presentations.

We've run in to a couple of interesting ways to present your family's history lately.

The first was at When we saw this in an old Family Fun magazine we had to try it out. So we made one for a family gathering this summer. This is our family in sugar:
licorice, cookies, mini M&Ms, chocolate sprinkles and frosting with chocolate sprinkles for doggie fur. Needless to say it was a hit.

Later, on our trip to the Grand Canyon a couple of weeks ago, we made one of those unplanned stops at Moqui Cave and This cave was once a secluded tavern in the time of Prohibition, and now houses an eclectic collection of florescent minerals and dinosaur tracks--one of those places that you stop at on family vacations. But the thing I was most interested in was this: At the bottom of the picture is a bas relief wood carving of the image at the top of this picture. In it are all of the family of Garth Chamberlain, the sculptor whose grandfather Thomas Chamberlain is the patriarch in this large family. Along the bottom is this:
Each of the people in the carving are labeled by name. It is an amazing picture in the first place, but then to see it lovingly carved in wood is really beautiful. You can see why it is displayed with the awards it won at various shows.

While we aren't offering any charts like these--you can design almost anything else through our custom design service. We'll show you the proof online before we print so that we can adjust it to exactly what you are envisioning. And then when you are ready, we'll take your payment and shipping information and ship it right out to you. Let us help you display your family's history in a beautiful and unique way.

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