Thursday, March 8, 2012

WDYTYAL-What makes a successful genealogy conference--in pictures.

If you want lots and lots of people at your conference...Make sure you have a few excellent speakers. :)
Bring in an antiques appraiser.
Let them come to research their family history, not just learn how to research.
Add lots of local experts with one on one time.
Have great food. Above is the "Proper English Sausages" booth and here is my felafel/sweet potato wrap that was really good. There were smoothies and soup and salads. No need to leave.
Add a living history section where you involve the local woodworkers,
Historical reenactments,
The Lace Maker's Guild and etc.
Open Classrooms. You can buy an inexpensive ticket to reserve a seat, but you are also welcome to just saunter around. Classrooms were completely integrated into the vendor's hall.
Add an Exhibitor's Lounge. (There was no speaker's lounge) That speaks volumes to what was different doesn't it?

Encourage people to sit around and make a day of it. All of the 100s of tables and chairs were constantly full.
Add an Ask the Experts. Busy Busy Busy
Photography Daters. Our own beautiful Maureen Taylor sharing her expertise.
And then if you are really ambitious, you can even add a booth for training guide dogs.
Who doesn't love pictures of puppies at a genealogy conference ;)
We're going to work on some of these ideas for the upcoming UGA conferences. What do you think?

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