Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Teenager update--Trading for Family History

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One of the things I've tried recently with my kids is to "trade" them for family history.  I'll play their video game or do something else they want me to do with them for an hour, in trade for them letting me give them a tour of their family history.  It as worked remarkably well and I highly suggest you give it a try with your family.  I have learned a lot about their interests, which has strengthened our relationship--a great thing in and of itself.  But then they've been quite patient with me as I've plugged them in to some of the things they can learn about their history.  There have been a few "hmmm" and "wow" moments that I know will only strengthen their sense of self and grounding in their roots.  Every little piece of the puzzle helps put together that big picture that I want them to have as adults.  Give it a try.  And let me know how it goes.


Don and Pat said...

How did you get so smart? You should have been my mom :)

Janet Hovorka said...

I had good examples :)