Saturday, February 1, 2014

Upcoming lectures and events

We're geared up with the new booth and ready to go. Here's what we have so far.  Looking forward to seeing you there: 
  • Rootstech February 6-8th. "Zap the Grandma Gap: Leave a Heritage Workshop." “Abracadabra: Design Your Own Family History Chart Demo,” “Presto Chango: Turn Your Family History Into A Coloring Book Demo,” “Get To Know Your Geezers (for Youth)” with my son Matthew Hovorka 
  • Eastern Idaho Family History Conference March 15th. “Creating a Culture of Family History in Your Family and Your Home.” “Where to Start When Your Genealogy is all “Done” and “Playground Rules for Genealogy on the Internet.” 
  • Orange County Family History Fair April 19th Keynote: “Grandma’s Bullet Proof Vest: Why Your Children Need You To Do Family History,” “Mom & Pop Culture: Creating a Culture of Family History in Your Family & in the Home,” “Grandpa’s on My iPad: Sharing Your Family History Using Social Networking,” “Where to Start When Your Family History Is All ‘Done’”
  • Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree June 6th to 8th “Back to Basic Research Practices in the Age of Internet Genealogy,” Panel Moderator for “Rebranding Genealogy and Engaging the Next Generation,” “Abracadabra: Interactive Family History Charts With Prezi.”
Attending as a vendor but not speaking (doing some more writing so I haven't submitted as many proposals this year)
  • Utah Genealogical Association Spring Conference April 25th and 26th
  • National Genealogical Society Conference May 6th to 11th
  • Brigham Young University Family History Conference July 29th to Aug 1st.
Others in our company will also be attending
  • Genealogy Now Expo March 14th and 15th.

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