Monday, October 12, 2015

Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight: Dave D. 

We are so happy to highlight Dave D., a longtime loyal customer of Family ChartMasters. We asked him to share why he loves Family ChartMasters charts and how he uses them.

From Dave...
"Most of us have our family history and genealogy wrapped up in very high tech programs in our computer or contained in a black box hidden beneath our desk.  Why not bring it alive with pictures on a beautiful framed chart, hanging on a prominent wall in our home for all to see?  Our children and grandchildren can see how they fit into this mass of humanity we call our family.

My first chart was for my family in 2009.  Since then I have done 55 more for family, friends, and others I have met along the way. They have been given as birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary presents, to be shown at funerals to honor the person passing and for family reunions.  

While gathering the information needed we always find names that can be shared with others to help in their search.  We also run into relatives we didn't know we had.

In doing these charts I have been introduced to some great genealogy websites that help with my research and get me in touch with others who share my love of this work.

I plan to continue to do these charts as long as my fingers can work the keyboard and my eyes can see the screen.  Happy hunting and may you find the next generation in your line. "

We thank you Dave for your longtime support!

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