Thursday, November 5, 2015

10 Cool Things You Can Do With a Family ChartMasters Chart

Over the years, we have created hundreds of charts that our clients have used for a multitude of occasions. Let us tell you what you can do with a chart designed by Family ChartMasters...

1. Show It Off

Display a chart in your home as a focal point to honor your family's heritage and remind them who they came from.

2. Decorate Your Wedding

Use a Family ChartMasters chart to show the family lines of the bride and groom through information and photos.

3. Celebrate A Milestone

Decorate a loved one's birthday, anniversary or graduation party with an heirloom chart.

4. Honor Loved Ones

Remember a loved one's life with a memorial chart on display at funeral service.

5. Give As A Holiday Gift

A custom decorative chart makes an unforgettable gift for your family and multiple copies of the same chart are always 1/2 price.

6.  Connect Your Generations

 Show multiple generations through photos in a simple and beautiful chart.

7.  Gather Information

 Order an inexpensive working chart and ask family members to update their information at a family reunion.

8.  Journal Your Ancestors

Included additional information on the chart to memorialize your ancestors' unique lives and experiences.

9.  Honor Cultural Heritage

Customize a family legacy chart with maps and flags representing your ancestors.

10.  Celebrate A New Baby

Decorate your baby's nursery with a custom family chart filled with photos.

Please give us a call here at Family ChartMasters and we'd be happy to discuss other options or ideas you may have.  Or visit our free consultation page, send us your file, and we'll get started on it right away.  

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