Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Price changes

At Family ChartMasters we work hard to keep our prices down and we've been pretty successful.  We haven't raised prices on anything in years, and our shipping prices are the same as they were when we started in 2003.  For all these years it has been:
  • 1-3 charts $11.95
  • 4-8 charts $16.95
  • 9-15 charts $24.95
  • 16+ charts $29.95

 But the post office has finally squeezed us out.  With the recent changes in postage, we have to raise our prices on shipping.  Here are the new fees:
  • 1-3 charts $16.95
  • 4-8 charts $24.95
  • 9-15 charts $29.95
  • 16+ charts $34.95

We want to give you a little notice, in case you were budgeting and have a chart you want to get finished up and printed.  We'll be changing these fees on April 15th.  So send us your information at  We're happy to get right to work on the perfect chart for your family. 

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